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Johannes Budde exhibits Rug ’N Roll at historic building in Alcova
Alcova 2022 Casa delle Suore
Video: Delfino Sisto Legnani

Johannes Budde exhibits Rug ’N Roll at historic building in Alcova

Alcova hosts site-specific installations and performances at the spectacular urban park of Centro Ospedaliero Militare di Milan.

by Johannes Budde
Published on : Jun 09, 2022

For Fuorisalone 2022, Alcova returns with a new and expanded lineup of exhibitions, events, talks, site-specific installations and performances to the Centro Ospedaliero Militare di Milano. The extraordinary site bears historic importance to the city of Milan, activating a new section of the complex never before accessible to the public. Johannes Budde and his German label BUDDE are currently showcasing RUG’N ROLL concrete stools in the lush outdoor premises of the Spazio A7a at Alcova. In late 2019, urged by a strong passion to explore design from multiple perspectives, Johannes founded BUDDE. Today, the company is led by Johannes and his partner Meike Papenfuß, who heads up its business end. 

The concrete stools are also introduced to the visitors of the Isola Design Festival. Created out of a unique, industrial material Concrete Canvas®, the stools garb an unusual shape. Concrete Canvas® is usually found within erosion control, containment and shelter applications. It belongs to a revolutionary class of new, innovative materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). It is a flexible fabric – reminiscent of a rug – which is impregnated with a thin layer of concrete. The layered yet minimalistic frame of the stool is reflective of the designer's aesthetic. “In my designs, I focus on clear lines and the reduction to the essential. However, I do not refer to reduction as a solely aesthetic point of view. By creating a minimalistic design, I strive for simplicity and pureness in the idea behind it,” says Johannes Budde, co-founder BUDDE.

The design process included key areas of research – various studies were conducted to become acquainted with the nature of the material without anticipating a particular use case. It became clear that Concrete Canvas® allows for a high variety of shapes and applications. A technique to roll the canvas by hand and subsequently bend it proved to be the most promising. The material’s unique textile characteristics co-lead the production process and create organic forms – making each piece a 'one-off'. After it is hydrated, it hardens within 24 hours, stays in its shape and becomes highly durable, waterproof and fire-resistant. The soft-looking drapery enters into a fascinating symbiosis with the actual hard material. RUG’N ROLL unleashes the potential of the industrial material Concrete Canvas® for furniture design. Thanks to its versatility and longevity, it has a high chance of establishing itself in the furniture market.

About Alcova
Alcova is a platform for independent design developed by Joseph Grima (founder of Space Caviar) and Valentina Ciuffi (founder of Studio Vedèt). Currently operating as an itinerant network of exhibition spaces across multiple sites in and around Milan, it activates forgotten locations of historical significance, temporarily recasting them as venues for exhibitions, installations and performances.

Find RUG’N ROLL concrete stools by Johannes Budde from 5 - 12 June, 2022 at Spazio A7a, Alcova

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