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Iconic 'Sticklight' by Michael Young completes 30 years of illumination
Sticklight by Michael Young
Image: Courtesy of Michael Young

Iconic 'Sticklight' by Michael Young completes 30 years of illumination

Michael Young's iconic Sticklight celebrates 30 years and finds renewed life in China's LED technology alongside the launch of the Michael Young Home collection at SZIDF. 

by Michael Young
Published on : Nov 29, 2023

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sticklight designed by British designer Michael Young, the lighting design was showcased at the 11th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF). The lighting designer originally designed Sticklight in 1994 at the climax of the British pop phenomenon. The design found its footing in the same era that saw the rise of musicians such as Oasis and Blur, while artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin were making their mark in the creative scene. 

Originally made in the United Kingdom, the Sticklight was produced in rotationally moulded polyethene with a fluorescent stick light tube and became an instant British classic. The lamp design quickly achieved iconic status during the 1990s owing to its mesmerizing design. It even secured its presence on the sets of renowned films such as Lost in Translation, cementing its cultural significance. 

The Sticklight has found a permanent place in esteemed museum collections, including M+ in Hong Kong. Changes in lighting regulations put it out of production in 2008. However, with the evolution of LED technology in China, the country has now become the new production home for part of the Michael Young Home collection.

Along with Sticklight, the Sheffield Armchairs were also on display, at SZIDF to announce the launch of Michael Young Home the industrial designer's new home and lifestyle furniture design line.

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