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Draga & Aurel x RoCollectible 2023 at Milan Design Week
Rainbow - Limited edition table by Draga & Aurel
Image: Courtesy Draga & Aurel

Draga & Aurel x RoCollectible 2023 at Milan Design Week

Colour, light and transparency champion the presentation at the upcoming design week.

by Draga & Aurel
Published on : Apr 11, 2023

For the third year running, Draga & Aurel will be among the key players, with an even larger space, at RoCollectible, a project dedicated to collectible design and presented during Milan Design Week in the city’s iconic Rossana Orlandi Gallery.

Colour, light and transparency take over the space, like a waterfall. For this new project, the couple picks up on the immersive concept of the Lighting Boxes by artist and composer Brian Eno: in the same way, Draga & Aurel propose an all-round immersive experience, where design objects and works of art once again meet and complement each other.

It is precisely in light (and colour) that the new objects designed by Draga & Aurel exclusively for Rossana Orlandi take shape: the rays of light of the Ray lamps, the monumental and welcoming shapes of the Tito armchair, the geometric purity of the Baia tables and consoles. These are flanked by iconic pieces in new colour variants, from the Joy pills of light to the sensual Beba armchairs, as well as unique Heritage pieces, and vintage furniture recovered and transformed by artists. The artworks are new 2023 productions by Aurel K. Basedow.

This scenographic representation of light and colour finds its fulfilment in Rainbow, a very limited-edition table (only two pieces) on display at the gallery. "This piece was born after a moment of creative suffering: I called it Rainbow because it was like a rainbow after the storm. It is lightness, relief, joy: in a few words LIGHT”, says Draga Obradovic.

Below is a detail of the new products:

Ray lamp

Exclusive Rossana Orlandi Gallery

The light rods designed by Draga & Aurel are as simple and minimalistic in shape as they are complex to make. The epoxy resin is processed in a liquid state in three stages to obtain multiple layers of overlapping colour, creating new visual compositions depending on the point of view from which they are observed. Final polishing further enhances the transparency, enabling more precise filtering of light and boosting the immersive effect of this luminous suspended artwork.

Tito love seat

Exclusive Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Sinuous geometries and bold lines have inspired Tito, an evolution of its namesake bed. This “love seat” of generous shapes, designed for two, recalls the river stones smoothed by the flowing water, with cylindrical backrest welcoming in a soft and comfortable embrace.

BAIA coffee table & console

Exclusive Rossana Orlandi Gallery

As transparent as fresh water on rock. Thus, the new Baia tables and consoles play with materials and geometric shapes for a pure, almost primordial composition. The thick, coloured resin base creates depth in juxtaposition with the rough concrete. The polymethylmethacrylate legs are transparent and colourless, a solution that emphasizes the monumentality of the object while maintaining the lightness of the composition.

Rainbow table

Two pieces exhibited at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

The colourful and minimalist acrylic sculptures of Vasa Mihich, an American artist of Yugoslavian origin, are the eclectic inspiration for the Rainbow table, a unique piece that marks a new research on transparencies by Draga & Aurel. The artists have recovered a marble base from the 1980s designed by Maurizio Cattelan, which has been reinterpreted with the addition of a brand new acrylic resin top: a composition of strips of colour with irregular geometries that, thanks to different cuts, capture and refract light, restoring beautiful reflections and nuances.

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