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Draga & Aurel to present pastel hues and rounded forms at Milan Design Week 2024
Glaze Coffee Table by Draga & Aurel to be presented in Milan Design Week 2024
Image: Courtesy of Nilufar

Draga & Aurel to present pastel hues and rounded forms at Milan Design Week 2024

The Italian designers share a glimpse of the luminescent collections they are set to unveil in Milan.

by Draga & Aurel
Published on : Mar 31, 2024

Set up in 2007 by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, the multidisciplinary studio Draga & Aurel is widely known for combining original methods with an artistic approach to materials and composition. Sharing a sneak peek of two new products to be presented during Milan Design Week 2024, the Italian designers lay bare pastel hues, fluoro details, metallic glow, a play on refraction, monumental forms, and rounded contours.

This year, the design duo will present new products for Rossana Orlandi at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Via Matteo Bandello 14, in a space conceived together with Giuliano Dell'Uva. The designer will also present new products at Nilufar Gallery, Via Della Spiga 32. Furthermore, there will be new pieces for companies such as Poltrona Frau and Giorgetti. Draga & Aurel will additionally devise the entire layout of Visionnaire's Wunderkammer inside the Visionnaire showroom in Piazza Cavour 3.

Glint Cabinet (exclusive to Rossana Orlandi Gallery)

The Glint Cabinet is one of the product designs to be showcased during this upcoming design event. The fruit of Draga & Aurel’s research into materials and transparency, Glint is an evocative cabinet, exuding an almost impalpable charm. As a result of the crafting of Lucite sheets subsequently joined into a single form, the doors combine opaline nuances with fluorescent highlights, playing on an ethereal transparency in contrast with the cool, glossy metallic structure.

Glaze Family Table (exclusive to Nilufar Gallery)

Another product ready to be displayed is the Glaze Family of dining and coffee tables made from experimental mixed media. As witty as it is reflective, Glaze is a new family of dining and coffee tables made from experimental mixed media. The rounded forms of the products are enlivened by the combination of pastel colours and milky segments blended to create a visual effect of hypnotic shades.

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