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‘Creating collective projects’ by CincoxCinco demystifies the design process
Product designs by Collectivo CincoxCinco
Image: Courtesy of Collectivo CincoxCinco

‘Creating collective projects’ by CincoxCinco demystifies the design process

A workshop by Colectivo CincoxCinco during Costa Rica Design Week offered a hands-on exploration of collaborative design processes, local materials and market strategy.

by Colectivo CincoxCinco
Published on : Mar 15, 2024

‘Creating Collective Projects’ is a practical workshop taught by the Guatemala-based design studio Colectivo Cinco x Cinco, founded by Esteban Paredes, Cecilia Díaz, Manny Rionda and Sofía Contreras-Paredes.

The product design workshop as part of the Costa Rica Design Week is presented as a space for examination and rehearsal of collective work processes, to share the studio’s experience in developing creative and interdisciplinary projects, with a great emphasis on design, addressing artisanal techniques and industrial processes, use of local materials and the rescue of trades. The workshop will analyse the structure of a project from its initial idea to its communication, promotion and placement in the local and international market. Participants will be accompanied by the product designers from the conceptualisation process to the development of an idea or prototype. The workshop will go on for four hours, divided between talks and practical time.

During this workshop, participants will engage in a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of a chosen topic. The session will begin with a 15-minute introduction to the workshop's structure and objectives. The next segment, spanning 45 minutes, will focus on conceptualisation, involving both discussion and practical exercises to deepen understanding. Following this, there will be a discussion and practical session on materials for another 45 minutes. After a 30-minute break, the workshop will resume with a focus on processes, delving into discussions and practical demonstrations for 45 minutes. Subsequently, the attention will shift to product-related aspects for another 45 minutes. The workshop will culminate in a final 15-minute presentation where participants will showcase their learnings and insights.

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