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The most famous Italian Design Factory on an international level, with a long-standing commitment to bringing art and poetry into industrial production.

The company approaches an innovative project of packaging and communication, to facilitate comprehension of its merchandise offerings and to gain visibility in international malls while rationalizing costs of production and logistics.

We have designed the brands for various product clusters and their packaging families, starting with the guideline idea of “Extra-Ordinary Cubic Books.” These are small block-shaped books that function as packaging, which illustrate the project's history and the designer's poetics. Just as books become boxes, so boxes become catalogues, and catalogues become exhibits. The Super & Popular operation was presented at the most critical sector trade fairs, in Milan, Paris, London, and Chicago. It was then extended to other product families, like Objets-Bijoux and Le Posate.

Alessi increased its distribution opportunities in new geographical areas, taking on specific visibility at the point of sale and controlling the presentation of merchandise offerings.