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Founded in 1912, this is one of the oldest furniture companies in Italy, a perfect blend of industrial prowess and craftsmanship for creating products featuring fine leather upholstery.

Poltrona Frau wants to grow in the premium customized contract furnishings sector while adding a new range of contemporary design products alongside its more traditional offerings. At the same time, the firm’s achievements in the fields of automotive interiors and seating for theatres and auditoriums are making extraordinary progress on all international markets.

We have designed a compact, fresh communication system to convey the values of the brand in a new context of 'Affordable Luxury': the narrative focuses on the versatility of a company capable of producing the interiors of Ferrari automobiles and the seating for the auditorium by Frank Gehry, of combining traditional craftsmanship in leather with the technology of titanium and carbon fibre. A company that represents a prototype of Italian history and excellence. We reset the colour of the brand, bringing it closer to the codes of fashion, with the passage from brown to tangerine. The overall graphic design (online and offline) and the photographic art direction break with conventions in the field of leather upholstery, showing a white world on a white background, which all the company’s competitors later imitated. The system was applied to all the product catalogues, the company profile, the website, the areas for office, contract and automotive furnishings, and the signage at the facilities.

Poltrona Frau has boosted brand recognition, transforming into a worldwide luxury brand, part of the Charme Group and successfully listed on the stock exchange.