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With the theme of tracing the origin, Nada Debs combines Lebanese splicing skills with Japanese aesthetics. Her breakthrough style makes her works lively and bold, with unique elegance. House of Wang brings this unique beauty of craftsmanship to China. In the eyes of House of Wang, Nada's love and obsession with traditional handicrafts, and bold exploration and mix-and-match make her works extremely dynamic. Innovate in inheritance and carry forward in exploration.

Nada's design shows respect for handcraftsmanship, as well as faith and feelings for blood culture. This kind of self-blood exploration and feedback, we regard as an elegant practice. She used modern aesthetics to reproduce the culture of her hometown and awakened people's sense of belonging. And then through creation to protect civilization, make national crafts come to prominence on the world stage, show strong female power. "Growing up in Asia, I've always had a strong tie to the Far East. Being part of THOW is a way of reconnecting to my roots through craft and contemporary design. I look forward to showing at Shanghai Design Week for the first time ever," says Nada Debs. 

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