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Tuleste Factory and Manscapers unveil debut collection with TFM planter collection
The TFM indoor and outdoor planter collection by Tuleste Factory and Manscapers
Image: Matthew Gordon

Tuleste Factory and Manscapers unveil debut collection with TFM planter collection

The TFM indoor-outdoor planter collection handcrafted in Mexico is constructed of fluted fibreglass, in a first-of-its-kind curation between the gallery and exterior design firm.

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 27, 2023

Tuleste Factory is a quintessential New York loft space, an art and design gallery located in the heart of Chelsea, featuring a rotating roster of designers and artists exhibiting furniture designs, design objects, photography, and fine art. Created and curated by sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg, the gallery masquerades itself as an open living room, hosting a curated selection of art pieces, which in turn creates an engaging dialogue between the object, the space, and the visitor. Their debut collaboration with Manscapers, a landscape design and site-specific floral and plant installation studio based in NYC and Los Angeles, brought forth a first-of-its-kind indoor and outdoor planter collection, named TFM.

Handcrafted by artisans in Mexico, the planter collection includes both, traditional and contemporary shapes, composed in fluted fibreglass, available in standard and oversized designs, in a variety of colours such as apricot orange, azure blue, raven black, fossil grey, and soft ivory. All the striated planters in the TFM collection come with matching drainage trays, for added functionality and ease, shares Manscapers, who specialise in creating high-end, luxury designs for residential and commercial properties, carried by their team of ‘plantfluencers.'

To publicise the release of the new planter collection, Tuleste x Manscapers transformed the former’s Factory in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood into an immersive, futuristic topiary island.

“When entering Tuleste Factory, you are transported into a world where the room and walls work in a symbiotic symphony, granting you an unforgettable New York experience,” shares the art gallery.

The collaborators relay that the Mexican artisans who hand-crafted the moulds into the final product designs come from generations of craftsmen, carrying their family and cultural legacy into each piece. With a simple, neat aesthetic, the shapes of the planter collection range from traditional rectangles wide and tall, as well as more original, modern forms such as a flat blob, modern urn, and half dome stack.

Known for their avant-garde presentations and eye for curation, both Tuleste Factory and Manscapers were passionate about creating a unique and striking new offering in modern outdoor and indoor planters designed for urban living. “Each product straddles the boundary of sculpture and functionality,” they conclude.

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