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Tom Dixon crafts the ‘Bump’ vessel collection inspired by laboratory apparatus
The Bump collection by Tom Dixon features vessels made with borosilicate glass
Image: Courtesy of Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon crafts the ‘Bump’ vessel collection inspired by laboratory apparatus

Bump by Tom Dixon is a blown glassware collection of vessels offering an elegant approach to the ‘alchemical processes’ of tea brewing, mixology, and floral arrangements.

by STIRpad
Published on : Sep 06, 2023

Growing up, one of the most common sights in school that intrigued many were transparent beakers and shapely funnels inside chemistry labs. Since childhood, their forms, clear, gentle, and softly curving, have fascinated us, as we watched coloured and ghostly concoctions being mixed and deftly stirred within them, the processes beguiling and alchemical in equal measure. In the same vein, British designer Tom Dixon has created the Bump family of minimalist borosilicate vessels inspired by laboratory apparatus, conceived ‘to serve as the ritualistic instruments of everyday drinking and hosting.’ The contemporary design collection imbibes the contours and materiality of these timeless and familiar shapes, resulting in a meticulously handcrafted, fresh line of blown glassware geared towards homeware.

The self-taught designer gained prominence during the 1980s with the ‘S-Chair’ designed for Cappellini and went on to establish his eponymous studio in 2002. Since then, he has crafted an extensive range of product designs, from household cleaning objects to motorcycles and chairs of infinitely recyclable aluminium.

Bump is a series of vessels fashioned from borosilicate glass, a material best known for its unusual strength, shock resistance, optical clarity and ability to withstand high temperatures—which is why it is most often seen in chemistry laboratories and telescopes—but also on the cladding of the space shuttle,” reads the official press statement shared by studio Tom Dixon, who specialise in furniture designs, lighting designs, and accessories. Mouth-blown into an engineered graphite mould, the lightweight borosilicate material remains heat resistant throughout brewing. “Delicately handmade with subtle levels of green and grey tonal translucency, Bump offers an elegant approach to the alchemical processes of tea making, mixology and floral arrangements,” they add.

The Bump collection comprises a set of vases, glasses, jugs, and teapots fashioned into spherical, conical, and tubular profiles. Every double glass design in the series is crafted to examine the relationship between space and object through a compelling interplay of contrasting elements like geometric versus organic forms, and fragility versus solidity. The result is a collection of pieces suffused with an interplay of transparencies and translucencies, their designs both visually captivating and functional.

Fused, blown and manipulated into delicate shapes, the minimal design collection includes ‘Bump Vase Cone Black,’ ‘Bump Vase Tall Green,’ ‘Bump Vase Short Black,’ ‘Bump Jug Green,’ two ‘Bump Tall Glasses Green,’ two ‘Bump Short Glasses Green,’ ‘Bump Tea Pot Green,’ and two ‘Bump Teacups Black.’ Tom Dixon had previously launched the same borosilicate vessels back in 2017 in pink and grey hues, and have now launched a revived collection in a ‘sophisticated and restrained’ emerald green.

“Our choice of green seems timely, given that the colour is associated with all things positive, from health and growth to calming and anxiety-reducing, vitality and nature. Green also falls in the middle of the visible light spectrum, giving it the quality of equilibrium and making Bump the perfect tableware partner in any setting,” Dixon mentions.

"Here back on earth, we have discovered a rare supply of this extraordinary material in a sophisticated emerald green, and have manufactured a series of teapots, glasses, and vases,” shares the founder and creative director of studio Tom Dixon. The British product designer has proceeded to combine the green glass with crystal clear and glossy black using their signature, fat rounded profiles for a softer and more generous aesthetic.

Due to the meticulous handcrafting process, the colour palette employed for each vessel of the luxury design collection promises to evolve over time naturally, resulting in thoughtfully curated and distinctly unique glassware. The designers also relay that these are highly fragile items that should not be placed in a dishwasher, and must instead, be hand washed in warm water and gently dried with a soft cloth.

Sophisticated and straightforward, Bump by Tom Dixon aims to transform the most mundane, everyday tasks of pouring, brewing, and drinking into a ‘ritualistic and alchemical’ pleasure. Skilfully designed to infuse a setting with a sense of elegance, the eclectic pieces of home decor promises to introduce a touch of flair, quirk and elegance to any household.

(Text by Irene Joseph Chiramel, intern at STIR)

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