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‘Thelma & Pauline’ by Pauline Deltour reimagines modern workspaces
Thelma sound absorber and Pauline armchair.
Image: Courtesy of Björn Ceder

‘Thelma & Pauline’ by Pauline Deltour reimagines modern workspaces

In collaboration with Swedish design studio, Offecct, the late French designer, Pauline Deltour’s latest collection is defined by clean lines and meticulous details.

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Feb 14, 2022

With the decentralisation of workplaces and increasing flexibility to work from anywhere, personal office spaces have erupted within households in the past two years. In a space that is already scrunched, simple, light, compact and elegant furniture can not only imbue the workspace with a lively aura, but also add character and uniqueness to it. This is exactly what is offered through Offecct’s latest collection, Thelma & Pauline, designed by Pauline Deltour, who passed away last September at the age of 38, while working on these furniture pieces.

First showcased at the Stockholm Design Week, the collection recently went into production with the help of Deltour’s husband, Nicolas Tiry, her colleague, Claire Pondard and Swedish furniture brand, Offecct. They've worked closely together to complete the designer's unfinished designs and bring them to life. “With Offecct, we felt relieved to find people who had the same goal and aim that we had, to finish the project to honour Pauline '' says Tiry about the collaboration with Offecct.

White Pauline armchair Image: Courtesy of Björn Ceder

The sound absorbing Thelma room divider allows you to have your own partition and comes with attachable hooks and writing tablets. The lacquered metal frame and upholstered textile are crafted with meticulous detail with minimal tones giving a subtle yet playful presence to the room. The black and white wheels allow the divider to be easily manoeuvred around the room, making it flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of a modern workspace and dividing the available space into smaller pockets. The sound absorber is named after Deltour’s youngest daughter Thelma.

Pauline armchairs in a workspace. Image: Courtesy of Björn Ceder

The Pauline armchair envisions seating in the workplace to become more comfortable and functional, while providing an elegant look with masterful lines and the tasteful details. Giving new dimensions to the typical office chair, the Pauline armchair gives the contemporary armchair new functionality with its metal wheels. The Pauline armchair is perfect for the shifting workspaces where elegance isn’t compromised for functionality. Lead designer at Offecct, Tobias Strålman is extremely thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Pauline Deltour and grateful to her family and friends for the support in bringing her work to life, “The finest tribute we can give is to complete the project with her unsurpassed sense of quality and pass it on to the world,” he says.

Pauline Deltour, designer of the Thelma & Pauline Image:Courtesy of Cyrrill

Born in Landerneau, France, Deltour opened her own design studio in Paris in 2011. Since then, Deltour put out work that was characterised by extreme precision and neat lines and defined by a carefully thought out colour palettes and materials, letting her work become an extension of her personality. Apart from working on bringing her designs to life, Deltour's husband, Nicolas Tiry and her eponymous studio is also organising an exhibition of her work and creating an award in her name to honour female designers.

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