Superflux presents ‘Subject To Change’ at Droog Gallery
Superflux is all set to present ‘Subject to Change’ at Droog Gallery
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Superflux

Superflux presents ‘Subject To Change’ at Droog Gallery

London based design studio, Superflux is all set to host their first solo exhibition at Droog Gallery from 18th February to 10th April 2022.

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Published on : Feb 22, 2022

As bizarre as ‘Subject to Change’ as a theme may sound, both the title and the exhibition are accurate depictions of the current state of affairs around the world. The past two years have been tainted with a global pandemic that has managed to warrant uncertainty and panic amongst the global population. This period has also managed to remind people about the already impending social, political and environmental problems that inflict the globe and consequently, united people for the betterment of the society against several oppressive power structures. In this heavily charged up environment, the only constant is consistent change, and thus the theme of the exhibition. Scheduled to remain on display from 18th February 2022 to 10th April 2022 at the Droog Gallery, this exhibition by Superflux invites individuals to navigate the climate catastrophe with hope.

‘Refuge for Resurgence’ installation at ‘Subject to Change’ exhibition Image: Courtesy of Superflux
The ‘Refuge for Resurgence’ installation aims at bringing together living beings from all species on the same table Image: Courtesy of Superflux

‘Subject to Change’ is the first solo exhibition by Superflux, an art and design practice based out of London. Founded in 2009 by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern, the firm dabbles in both research and design and aims to attract the attention of diverse audiences through work that confronts and attempts to provide a means of retrospection regarding the challenges we face everyday. By doing so, the design and research studio attempts to navigate our current precarious situation with hope for a better designed future.

The crockery for each animal, bird and human in the ‘Refuge for Resurgence’ installation is uniquely designed Image: Courtesy of Superflux
Steel and plastic is replaced by stems in Superflux’s unique installation Image: Courtesy of Superflux

Keeping in tune with their intention to draft out speculative designs and experiential futures, and deriving motivation from the possibility of a catastrophic future, the ‘Subject to Change’ exhibition uses storytelling as the medium to convey their ideas on tackling urgent environmental concerns. Through films, objects and installations, Superflux attempts to stimulate hope in an interactive and impactful manner. While logical facts and figures can suffuse optimism in a few people, the visual representation of an advanced and beautiful future can do so for a wider audience in a fun manner. This is what makes the exhibition powerful and electrifying.

Superflux presents films at the exhibition that are suffused with hope Image: Courtesy of Superflux
‘The Intersection’ is a film that delves on the precarities of a capitalist society Image: Courtesy of Superflux

While the primary intention of the installations and films displayed as part of the exhibition is to serve as a beacon of hope, these visual stories also push viewers to imagine more and better. They serve as portals to a future where technology and landscapes co-exist harmoniously. Some of the different installations that are part of the exhibition include ‘Refuge for Resurgence’, ‘The Intersection’ and ‘A more-than-human future’.

Taking viewers through the eyes of the four protagonists, ‘The Intersection’ helps the audience understand the importance of an inclusive and simple community Image: Courtesy of Superflux

‘Refuge for Resurgence’ is an installation that comprises a dining experience with animals, birds, plants and fungi across a four-metre-long table set out for 14 guests. This unique installation first premiered at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021. The intention behind this showcase is to help viewers ponder over the idea of extending the same amount of love and care towards living beings from all species. With seats laid out for a snake, a beaver, a wasp, a mushroom, a fox, a wolf, a wild boar, an old cow, a rat, a pigeon and three humans, the installation serves to present an alternate world where connections and relationships are not limited by the stratification of society and nature.

‘Invocation for Hope’ aims to visually represent a calmer future Image: Courtesy of Superflux
The installation aims at visually representing the manifesto of Superflux Image: Courtesy of Superflux

‘The Intersection’ is a film that delves into the importance of a co-operative society where the four protagonists, living in an ecosystem impacted by misinformation, surveillance capitalism and context collapse, move towards a society that finds hope in craft, community and care. It delves into the impact that capitalism and constant surveillance has on every part of an individual’s life. By exploring how every aspect, from the articles we read to the food we consume and the videos we end up streaming on our phones are influenced by the data extracted from constant monitoring and determined by algorithms that ensure maximum usage of online facilities, the film brings to focus our compliant nature and the repercussions of the same.

It also takes a deeper look into the society that scavenges on differences amongst individuals instead of celebrating them. Consequently, the film shines a light on the urgent need for reformation and restructuring of societies that still function on archaic laws and regressive ideologies, thus resulting in an apathetic society. By taking audiences through these modern issues through the eyes of the four protagonists who ultimately come together to defy the odds stacked up against them, the movie succeeds in establishing a connection with the viewers and encourages them to establish harmonious relationships.

‘The Intersection’ is a movie that follows four protagonists as they move towards a more holistic society Image: Courtesy of Superflux
Trigger Warning by Superflux Image: Courtesy of Superflux

‘A more-than-human future’ delves deeper into Superflux’s manifesto of reversing the harm done on nature through care and concern. Through the installation ‘Invocation of Hope’, Superflux reimagines a future that is calmer and kinder.

‘Subject To Change’ by Superflux will remain on display from 18th February 2022 to 10th April 2022 at the Droog Gallery, Staalstraat 7, Amsterdam.


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