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Superfans to Renaissance planters: 10 accessories to revamp your home
Home accessories by LATOxLATO, Sara Ricciardi and Studio Do
Image: Courtesy of LATOxLATO, Sara Ricciardi and Studio Do

Superfans to Renaissance planters: 10 accessories to revamp your home

STIR lists down ten accessories that can uplift an ambience while making a statement.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Jul 05, 2022

Once all the fundamental elements of a space are in place, there is just one thing left to do: accessorise. Accessories can make or break an aesthetic, ushering your personality into your dwelling. Seemingly minute but intriguing elements like a biophilic handbag, planters mirroring the architectural language of the Renaissance, or vessels reviving the tribal craftsmanship of Bedouin can go a long way in taking the ambience up a notch. If you want to make heads turn with a personalised home aesthetic, here is STIR’s selection of ten home accessories by leading product designers across the globe.

1. Superfan by Michael Anastassiades
Superfan by Michael Anastassiades Image: Courtesy of Michael Anastassiades
The tri-blade fan displays a sleek and unique geometry Image: Courtesy of Michael Anastassiades

Banish the banal and bring home this tri-blade fan by Michael Anastassiades. Minimal yet powerful, the Superfan has a sleek, refined body exhibiting quiet resilience. The fan has a unique geometry which is simply defined through its three-angled blades, converging at the rotating axis. The design detail ensures optimum performance and improved efficiency. The angle of the blades, the lightness of the aluminium material and the selection of the motor result in accurate speed control and quiet function.

2. Sherazade outdoor baskets by Simona Cremascoli
Sherazade outdoor baskets by Simona Cremascoli Image: Courtesy of Simona Cremascoli

Relive the glory of the 80s with furniture and accessories crafted with weaved fabrics. The Sherazade outdoor baskets, designed by Simona Cremascoli, are made from a polypropylene braid sewn together. With three shades to choose from: ecru, blue and rust, in hard-wearing, weather-resistant outdoor fabrics, they are part of Poltrona Frau's Boundless Living Outdoor Collections. Combined with the outdoor rug of the same name, the baskets come with two fabric handles and are available in two sizes: the large basket is perfect for holding pots and plants, while the small basket is designed to hold cushions, blankets and accessories.

3. Scenografie collection by LATOxLATO
Scenografie collection by LATOxLATO Image: Courtesy of LATOxLATO
The design draws inspiration from the structures of Italian renaissance Image: Courtesy of LATOxLATO

Create theatrical settings for your succulents with the Scenografie collection by Italian design studio LATOxLATO. Drawing inspiration from the structures and elements of Italian Renaissance, the ensemble encapsulates a series of cache pots that are evocative of the famous elements and motifs found in the architectural landscape of Italy. The arches, naves and podiums that characterise the collection ensure that these pieces can feature in any environment either as bespoke decorative items or as holders of succulent plants. Each piece is designed in such a manner that the architectural references used in these designs appear in the backdrop, much like the lingering landscape of Italy.

4. Zenobia by Nada Debs
Zenobia collection by Nada Debs Image: Courtesy of Nada Debs

Embellish your space with a dialogue between two crafts from different worlds, interlaced to generate an entirely new identity. By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs introduce the 'Zenobia collection' an intricately crafted interpretation of the vessels traditionally carried by the tribal women of Bedouin. The crafts, although similar in appearance, involve very different processes and materials. One practised predominately by men assembling wooden cross-sections together and then shaving using machine tools, while the other is hand-woven by women using wool threads. The forms, typically used for copper pots, are translated in solid oak and woven with narratives uniting the journeys and craftsmanship from different parts of the region. The result is a collection of totems and vessels offering a contemporary interpretation of the nomadic gathering and serving practices from the region.

5. Metamorfosi by Sara Ricciardi
Metamorfosi by Sara Ricciardi Image: Courtesy of Sara Ricciardi

Metamorfosi is a collection of vases by Sara Ricciardi that plays on the balance between two stages of glass: the one in which it is in its pointed and coarse form as an indefinite nugget and the one in which, tamed by the fire, it is tapered and soft. “Brass acts as a binder that slims the shapes creating a dialogue between the two elements as in the metamorphosis of una chrysalis, representing a material evolution,” shares the Milan-based designer. The collection comprises five unique pieces, each aiming to elevate floral arrangements and inducing curiosity in the viewer’s mind.

6. Bridge by Mario Alessiani
Bridge by Mario Alessiani Image: Courtesy of Mario Alessiani

Achieve functionality and aesthetics with the minimal silhouette of Bridge, a metal vase collection by Mario Alessiani designed for the Belgian brand Xlboom. Built out of metal by cutting through a folded tube, this vase illustrates how minimalism and comfort can be used to create both function and decoration. Bridge was conceived in a period when studio research was going in a certain direction: creating function and removing material. The design started from the analysis of the metal tube to create something really simple to make and resulted in a single tube bending in order to make an archetypal shape; like an arc.

7. Edgeless by Ryosuke Fukusada
Edgeless by Ryosuke Fukusada Image: Courtesy of Ryosuke Fukusada

Accentuate a room with Edgeless, a mirror of an exceptionally large size created by Japanese product designer Ryosuke Fukusada. The entire ceramic panel`s charm is emphasised by cutting off the square edged, creating a soft curve like with a traditional Japanese fan. In addition, these sinuous lines help to keep any sense of bulkiness due to the large size of the mirror at bay. The wall support and metal parts on the back of the mirror allows it to be used upright by the wall. The smaller wall-hung mirror is made of the waste material, which comes from the centre part of the larger size in the production process.

8. Abra Candelabra by Studio Do
‘Abra Candelabra’ by Studio Do Image: Courtesy of Studio Do

An ensemble of rough looking stone candle holders, resembling primitive environments can add a rustic element to any room. Studio DO’s recently launched collection, ‘Abra Candelabra’ at Galerie NO Gallery in Belgium, unveiled a series of candleholders and is part of the studio’s Lux project. Made out of stone, the candleholders appear like organic pieces that have natural indents to accommodate candles. The artist and designer duo at Studio DO has created this series employing minimum interventions, akin to all their other offerings.

9. Trinket tray from collection DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch
Tray from collection DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch Image: Courtesy of Julien T Hamon
Trinket trays from Collection DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch Image: Courtesy of Julien T Hamon

Collection DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch is a perfect fit for you if you love minimalist, utilitarian pieces that are simple, solid and functional. Born out of a collaboration between Dior and the French atelier Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier, the collection encompasses 15 homeware and stationary items: a mirror, a pencil holder, a trinket tray, two picture frames, two tissue boxes, a cigar tray, four serving trays, a table lamp and two candle holders. The collection was first displayed at St Moritz in Switzerland, as part of NOMAD, the collectible art and design fair. Emphasising materials that satisfy both the extant demands of sustainability as well as the omnipresent demand of timelessness and elegance, the collection is crafted using traditional wood-work and glass-blowing techniques.

10. Bouquet by Marcel Wanders Studio
Bouquet by Marcel Wanders Studio Image: Courtesy of Simona Cremascoli
The design is evocative of the natural formulation of flower petals Image: Courtesy of Marcel Wanders Studio

Can flowers bloom all year? Only if they are sustainable, made out of organic leather and crafted by Marcel Wanders studio. Drawing inspiration from the natural formulation of flower petals, Bouquet is an organic handbag developed by Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio in collaboration with Up To You Anthology for the 'Bouquet' and the 'New Classic' bags. The unique design of this bag lies in the seamless combination of two modules or petals—the repetition of which culminates into one whole bag reminiscent of the flowers found in a bouquet. The leather hides are organic and hence irregular, a rare design intervention countering the high amounts of leather waste many bag designs result in. Crafted as a response to this wastage, and the studio's affinity with biophilic design, the bag was designed with smaller modules than other more traditional bags, resulting in better use of resources and fewer leather leftovers.

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