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Superdesign Show 2023 prompts questions on the future of invention and technology
Superdesign Show will challenge and question future advancements while also enlightening the visitors with the latest updates in design technology
Image: Courtesy of Superdesign Show

Superdesign Show 2023 prompts questions on the future of invention and technology

The 2023 edition of Superdesign Show at Milan Design Week, will spotlight artists such as Francesco Forcellini and Suchi Reddy, instilling a dialogue for a sustainable future.

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 23, 2023

Living in the Holocene era, one cannot argue that technology has helped mankind attain great heights in diverse fields. In fact, many believe that the day is not far when artificial intelligence will surpass human capabilities. Superdesign Show investigates this technological boom by including innovative programs on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, the Metaverse, ChatBots and humanoid robots. It questions how spaces, architecture, houses, cities, and design will evolve under this technological ecology, all the while attempting to bring reality and imagination together. Through all these questions it prompts the future of invention following the thread of 'Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination.'

Superdesign Show is Superstudio’s annual event for Milan Design Week 2023 and platforms interactive installations, challenging and questioning future advancements while also enlightening the visitors with the latest updates in design technology. The design festival gets subdivided into various exhibitions, talk shows, and discussions that awaken the imagination of creative minds.

Today is Already Tomorrow

A scenario that will be proposed by 'Materially' at this Milan Design Week, will be a focus on the eco-sustainable and reclaimed materials with the support of a well-assimilated circuit of STIRworld. In the project 'Building Progress for People and Planet,' Holcim (Italia), a manufacturer of building concrete, will present a bench made of concrete and resin. Samsung appliances will be inviting visitors to interactive spaces with sustainability zones. Adding to the list of sustainability, Lexus will be showcasing their 15 years long research 'Shaped by Air' by architect Suchi Reddy—a scale interpretation which is naturally electric, with no pollution, does not make noise, drives autonomously, scans obstacles, warns of dangers and provides security. 'YouPower Bar' by You Power-The Energy Company will be another noteworthy highlight with its innovative electric vehicle charging system for commercial and residential use, channelling electric mobility.

'SoundSpline, an acoustic island and futuristic high-tech sculpture that is the result of the union of engineering and interior architecture will spotlight the notion that being eco-friendly is a cultural fact that we need to learn from an early age. Visitors can experience fairs, exhibitions, and events virtually with the Virtual Pavilion by Superstudio. PNA-Pietra Naturale Autentica will also present Italian marble in an immaterial manner through images projected on the red walls of an emotional cube.

Asian R-Evolution

This year’s edition of Asian R-Evolution will focus on more conceptual presentations from the East and Far East for a real and sustainable home that blends tradition into modernity. From the multiple exhibits from Japan, China, Korea and more, the presentations include a new lighting system, by GPJ x YUTAKA, made from aluminium and fabric which will be represented through Onefabrica technology. Japan will also be forefronting an installation devoted to technology by Forum8, fine lighting fixtures by quantum, and a design fashion festival which will be promoted by Tokyo Creative Salon, on the other hand, the complex textures of Japanese traditional furnishing fabrics will be proposed by Kawashima Selkon Textiles. Thailand will be representing Slowhand Design Thailand by DITP with the installation of materials from local manufacturers, with the aim to encourage the use of solutions coming from reusing and maintaining the life cycle of industrial materials. The design event that will inspire creative people and expand their imaginations will be overtaken by the Seoul Design Foundation from Korea.

Strange Yet Beautiful

This exhibition will spotlight its 'Unexpected Objects' area which has a common thread of surprise, innovation and non-banality in projects. Ceramics by Pollini Home, the wood screens of BOTTOS DESIGN ITALIA by Sebastiano Bottos and Daamstudio’s 'Iconoclastic' project, are some examples. 'Inside Matter' with seating, acoustic panels and furniture accessories made from polyurethane foam will be presented without any covering. Alcarol will be presenting 'Geomorphic,' a series of furniture pieces investigating the processes affecting matter. Also in this section will be the works like small architectures made from carbon filament by KARBONY, the 'Re-make, Re-model, Re-imagine' project by Paul Kelley and also projects by Metoda and Laboratorio.

Stars of Today and Tomorrow

The exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini will present 10 new contemporary protagonists: Leonardo Talarico, Elena Salmistraro, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Ilaria Marelli, Matteo Agati, Sergio Prieto, Daniel Nikolovski, Francesco Forcellini, Antonio Facco, Keiji Takeuchi, Also, Third Floor Collective that will be exhibited from London Royal College of Art, combines the tradition with an experimental approach. The section DONE&DESIGN will be back with 'Mirror – CreaTTive allo specchio' which will be featuring multifaceted and multitasking designers through the images by Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi. 'EstETICA FLUIDA'' by FoodDesignStories will be focusing on the journey of the work of 20 independent designers on the water crisis.

Under the Art Sign

TECNOLITE for Meljac light switches, by the Milanese architect Dante Benini, will transform these into small golden sculptures at the Superdesign Show. Nichelcrom Lab will be proving the great modernity and versatility of steel, through objects and furniture made of steel, which is still the protagonist of the industrial evolution. 'ITALIA' by Alberto Gianfreda and 'cartoon rabbits' by Japanese artist Aki Kuroda are some of the other works that will be encountered by visitors in this exhibition.

Other than all the exhibitions that will be focusing on sustainability and the transition from traditional to modern, Superdesign Show will also be stirring a dialogue on the keyword 'Inspiration Innovation Imagination.' Mirko Tattarini in FLA space will be proposing an unusual installation, by students of ISIA Firenze that will originate from the furniture of Mirabili Design. The project aims to instil a conversation to discuss the second life of objects. The 'Materially' area will also be scheduling some talk shows discussing the materials’ transformation. The SuperDesign Show through its various diversified exhibits at the design week not only aims that visitors encounter products radiating sustainability but also aims to instil a thought in the visitors on how we as humans can make our future better by accepting a sustainable tomorrow.

Text by Pratishtha Vashishth

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