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Studiopepe x Numeroventi unveil ‘Out of the Blue’ in Florence
Studiopepe’s residency at Numeroventi in Florence
Image: Daniel Civetta

Studiopepe x Numeroventi unveil ‘Out of the Blue’ in Florence

The radical yet archaic exhibition opens in the historic spaces of Palazzo Galli Tassi.

by Nitija Immanuel
Published on : Mar 03, 2022

Studiopepe recently unveiled their last residency at Numeroventi in Florence, in an iconic Renaissance palace. The Milan based design studio is known for its expressive design language which is equal part stratified and eclectic, uniting poetic concepts and radical design. For this exhibition, they carried out the research on the relationship between form, light and colour which started in 2016 with the first chapter of ‘Out of the Blue’, presented in Milan and New York the same year. “For this second chapter we worked on the spaces of Palazzo Galli Tassi, the home of Numeroventi and we developed, during several months in 2021, a mapping of the architectural details of their courtyard, extrapolating pure forms, flat and tridimensional,” share Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, Co-Founders of Studiopepe.

The design elements on display are made in hues of blues Image:Daniel Civetta
Ceramic and Carrara marble were extensively used for ‘Out of the Blue’ Image:Daniel Civetta

For this exhibition, the pair aimed to work with the materials of the surrounding area, “So we chose ceramic and Carrara marble,” share the designers. The collection of ceramic sculptures was crafted by Chiara and Arianna, using the ancient workshops and kiln in the old town of Florence. For the marble, the designers used the architectural leftovers found in the Palazzo basements. The site-specific concept revisits archaic modules to fit the contemporary scene.

Glimpses of the display at Palazzo Galli Tassi Image:Daniel Civetta
The limited series collection features marble and ceramic sculptures as well as collectible plates Image:Daniel Civetta

Out of the Blue is an English idiom that describes an event that happens unexpectedly. The philosophical interpretation of which is unveiling an unexpected revelation out of the blue sky. Literally ‘Out of the Blue’ or ‘Derived from the blue’, as if the blue colour in this research transfigures into a physical form. “We wanted to investigate the possible effects of this formal incarnation with a collection of limited edition pieces, in ceramic and Carrara marble,” share the designers.

According to the duo, the colour blue, in all of its shades and depending upon various factors combined together, becomes the direct result of this encounter. “Intrinsically, it tells us the story behind how the object was manufactured, the length of its exposure to sunlight after being brushed with the cyanotype solution, and the light conditions during that timeframe. These coordinates are the name of the object itself, defining its identity and uniqueness,” they conclude.

The different shades of blue come alive depending on the length of its exposure to sunlight Image:Daniel Civetta
Arianna Lelli Mami, left and Chiara Di Pinto, Co- Founders of Studiopepe Image:Daniel Civetta

Founded in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, Studiopepe is a multidisciplinary studio based in Milan. The Italian studio pays special attention to colours, materials and shapes that they use while designing large scale architectural projects and interiors as well as miniscule objects and products. A special focus on the colour ‘blue’ during their residency at Numeroventi is an extension to their dedication towards research and experimentation of the possibilities of everyday shapes, patterns and colours.

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