Stilnovo illuminates Milan with its iconic products and innovative campaigns
Minibox by Gae Aulenti - Piero Castiglioni at Fuorisalone 2022
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Stilnovo

Stilnovo illuminates Milan with its iconic products and innovative campaigns

Stilnovo returned to Milan with their light and iconic collections encapsulated in an innovative exhibit cherishing rediscovered joy.

by STIRpad
Published on : Jun 29, 2022

Vivid colours, cheerful music, and the spotlight on the protagonist, Italian design. These were the elements that defined the Stilnovo Original Lounge set-up by historic Milanese brand Stilnovo for FuoriSalone 2022. A pioneer in the sphere of lighting design, the brand returned to Milan to intrigue and amaze with an innovative exhibition concept that cherished the rediscovered joy, carrying with it the values deeply embedded in the heart of the exemplary Stilnovo collections. Located at Opificio 31 in collaboration with Tortona Rocks, the exhibition space highlighted the Tortona district, one of the main Milanese design districts and a hub of innovation and excellence.

Saliscendi designed by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo
Galassia by Stilnovo, 1959 Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo

Constructing a quintessential ambience to envelope all the distinctive inventiveness and genius that has set the brand apart since its inception, the exhibition offered the viewers with an opportunity to disembark on an enticing journey within the Stilnovo universe, a journey illuminated by unparalleled and timeless designs that narrate the story of the brand in all its aspects. To make the exhibition set-up even more gripping, an array of entertainment activities, where playfulness and the magic of design unite at a crossroad, were waiting to be discovered.

Buonanotte designed by Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni, 1965 Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo
Campana by Stilnovo, 1969 Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo

The diverse cultures of Stilnovo people are indeed curious and original, as is reflected in its vivacious Original for the Originals campaign, drawing attention to its whimsical and unconventional nature. In fact, it is this diversity that elevates a seemingly ordinary group of people into something both rare and unique - often without their knowledge. The Stilnovo lamps, despite being design icons, are not objects out of reach. On the contrary, viewers can recognise themselves in the silhouettes that are designed to share and celebrate the irreverent, optimistic, raw, and inimitable facets of personalities. Many of the most famous Stilnovo lighting are an epitome of Italian design, crafted by 20th century masters and showcased all over the world. The company’s distinguished products like Campana, Fante, Buonanotte and Galassia among others, and the Original for the Originals campaign lit up the Stilnovo Original Lounge.

Fante by Jonathan De Pas - Donato D’Urbino - Paolo Lomazzi, 1978 Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo
Galassia wall-mounted design by Stilnovo Image: Courtesy of Stilnovo

Bringing the products to light, the curated and captivating exhibition takes the visitors back to the roots of the brand and its expedition embellished by the speedy success and participation in the leading events in the world of design like the historical attendances in the 40s and 50s at the pivotal editions of the Triennale and crucial events that dotted the rebirth of post-war Italian design. Today Stilnovo presents a myriad of unique product designs, successfully uniting history, technology, functionality, and aesthetics. The Italian brand has evolved through the years a commitment to offer innovative solutions devised to meet the needs of contemporary living, with a pop, dynamic, and inclusive approach.

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