SETTECENTO - Manifattura Ceramica unveil new collections at Cersaie 2021

SETTECENTO - Manifattura Ceramica unveil new collections at Cersaie 2021

by Nitija Immanuel
Published on : Sep 27, 2021

SETTECENTO - Manifattura Ceramica designs surfaces starting from handmade skills in order to dedicate the utmost care and accuracy to details. The industrial process is implementing and refining the product's perfection with best quality standards. The passion for making and the love for the material pushes the Italian ceramic tile company to create artisanal surfaces that exude warmth. Their design process begins with manual work in order to be able to accurately intervene on the details. The industrial process is the phase in which we transfer seriality and perfection to the product. For Cersaie 2021, they have launched their 2021-2022 collections which visitors can experience at their booths beginning from 27 September to 1st October 2021.


Porcelain Stoneware

RIGA, a concept by designer Massimo Nadalini, he explains his inspirational design process, “I have always thought that the most interesting challenges start from compliance with bonds. I chose to focus on a single very simple concept and seek its richness and complexity. With RIGA I tried to investigate the meaning of this word applied to a handcrafted surface. RIGA becomes the texture for a floor or wall surface that expresses its meaning through an imperfect relief. RIGA is a manually engraved board repeating an infinite sequence of uneven segments. RIGA is the mark left on the board by the plaster. RIGA is a golden trace following the reliefs’ tracks RIGA is a system of unlimited relations between shapes and matter.”


Porcelain Stoneware

Creativity, technology and design come together to give life to Lichen, an absolutely novel ceramic proposal. Fossil microorganisms, petrified roots, inclusions of crystallized matter cut, define and draw a delicate marbled background, developing a modern and at the same time classic and natural decorative concept. Prestigious residential and commercial spaces are the suggested uses for both floors and walls.


Porcelain Stoneware

Oxida is a project that speaks the language of handcrafted ceramics, where differences and imperfections are the true value of the surface. Each brick develops its colour in a different way: once laid, the material explodes the colour in multiple bright tones. The classic 7.5x30 size and the finishing fittings make the 7 colors of the collection ideal for dynamic and creative furnishing solutions.


Mosaic Tiles

Nàttùra is an Icelandic word that indicates everything related to the natural world. Nàttùra is a glass mosaic on ceramic support with 2.2x2.2 and 2.2x4.5 tiles for 10mm thickness mounted on 28.6x28.6 sheets. Nàttùra is a mosaic created through the random mix of transparent glass tiles that reverberate fresh and unusual colors.


Double Cooking

A gently convex geometry and two different surface textures define the Skema ceramic proposal, original for versatile combinations and dynamic solutions. Typical double-fired white-body wall tiles where precious glazes develop both in the glossy and matte finish in a new offer of contemporary colours, updated to trends and design. 7.5x30 format with classic proportions, finishing pieces available in all colours to create suggestions that refer both to the world of design and to the elegant one, living and residential.


Porcelain Stoneware

Proposed in rectified 20mm porcelain stoneware for exteriors in four different essences.

Visit their space at Cersaie2021 from 27 September to 1st October 2021

Hall 26, Stand A2

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