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Setsu & Shinobu ITO Design STIRred 2023 with creative and interactive designs
Setsu & Shinobu ITO Design - Duo
Image: Courtesy of Setsu & Shinobu ITO Design

Setsu & Shinobu ITO Design STIRred 2023 with creative and interactive designs

STIR highlights the works of the Milan-based studio in the realms of furniture design, lighting design and collectable design.

by Ria Jha
Published on : Jan 10, 2024

Setsu & Shinobu ITO Design based in Milan, Italy are known for applying creative and interactive values to their projects. Their large experience in various design fields and their ability to collaborate with many professionals aid them in finding out the best perspectives for their design process. From shelves and chairs to lamps and vases, the studio showcased its various designs in 2023 during Milan Design Week and throughout the year, here are a few of their highlights.


The FUWAS lamp is a lamp made from alabaster. When placed in a space where the lights are turned off, the lamp design seems to look like a marble ball, but with the leakage of light, the table lamp seems to look like paper because the light passes through almost the entire surface.

The Germoglio collection comprises vase designs and candle stands made from Alabaster. In consideration of sustainable design, this is a series of objects made by combining two shapes carved out from a plate material with a thickness of 130 mm or less to reduce material waste. To take advantage of the translucency, which is the greatest feature of alabaster, it functions as both a vase that does not use water displayed on the windowsill and a candle stand displayed in the centre of the room.

Inori in Japanese signifies 'pray', and thus the key element of this library is the vertical shape of our hands - when you receive, give and thank. These hands act like glass containers, to sustain and protect our books and our possessions, it is an intimately 'sacred' personal space. The versatility and assembly possibilities allow Inori to be utilised as a showcase, display case, and TV unit. Available also in free-standing and wall unit versions.

Circles, ellipses, natural stones, futuristic structures, and planets - forms without corners transcend national and racial barriers, materials, and sizes to bring us a common feeling. The ZEEBO table light, with its spherical shape, is a lighting design meant to create a softening impression and create harmony.

Nemu is a minimalist table collection. The glass top is crafted in the furnaces of Murano and has an irregular aesthetic glass fusion. The structure is made up of a varnished nickel-finished metal and comes in three sizes.

TE chair is a wooden chair that envelops you, with a light back and legs that resemble the tips of the wings of a flying bird. Mine is a chair where you can enjoy the texture of cardboard. The seat, back, and handrest are made of laminated cardboard. The inner surface of the chair design consists of cushion material and artificial leather.

The Grassland vase is a large vase reminiscent of an old aluminium milk container. Made by Lorenzo Franceschinis, an outstanding artisan, the product is a modern handmade object with wooden body carving created using lathe processing.

Karin is a furniture design collection composed of an armchair and a sofa, light and agile made with a wooden beam structure. It is a modern outdoor furniture collection with the latest in structural technology and hemp thread. Carefully knitted using traditional craftsmanship techniques to create an element that is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian sensibilities. The seat consists of a rectangular cushion integrated into the backrest so that the seat can be freely removed.

KIRI, a luxury bar cabinet with a rich wooden surface, was created in collaboration with Giorgetti's deep experience in Italy. The delicate appearance of the wood and dynamic lines express the versatility of the material. KIRI is inspired by paulownia wood which has been used for precious furniture and other objects in Japan for centuries and this fresh form allows it to find a space within modern living spaces.

Wan is a solid-scented cedar wood stool carved from a single block, whose sculptural design is inspired by a Maltese dog.‎

STIRred 2023 wraps up the year with compilations of the best in architecture, art, and design from STIR. Did your favourites make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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