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Sculptural lighting designs by Abid Javed bridge the gap between biology and art
Sculptural lighting designs by Abid Javed are inspired by molecular biology
Image: Abid Javed

Sculptural lighting designs by Abid Javed bridge the gap between biology and art

London-based sculptor and designer Abid Javed cites inspiration from molecular forms, manifesting them within sculptural lights and lamps handcrafted with clay. 

by STIRpad
Published on : Jul 06, 2023

Biology, a branch of science dealing with living organisms and their processes, is a subject encountered by most, if not all, at various points in their educational journies. However, it is often restricted to the confines of schools, labs, and hospitals. With a background in molecular biology, Abid Javed, a ceramic artist and designer based in London, transcends these limitations in his quest to explore new artistic expressions. He fuses his extensive understanding of molecular biology with sculptural art to establish his unique design oeuvre. The designer's educational background acts as inspiration for his collections, bringing the realm to light within the creative sphere.

Javed creates product designs that skillfully combine Arabic lettering and geometry within distinctive and intriguing lamp designs that fuse the complexity of molecular structures, genetic patterns, and cellular dynamics with the artistic possibilities of lighting designs. “My practice looks at exploring the beauty and versatility of microscopic molecular structures and an array of biological narratives. The light collections are a branch of my studio practice that take the sculptural forms and signatures and make them into functional lighting objects that transform an array of spaces. The ethos of the practice revolves around shedding the details from true biological forms and looking at them from an abstract, simplistic lens, to create forms and objects that create a sense of whimsy and wonder,” shares the product designer.

In addition to showcasing the beauty of nature's building components, Javed's merging of molecular forms and sculpture art encourages us to think deeply about the fundamental connections between biology, art, and the human experience. His table lamps are designed as two versions, 'unshaded' and 'shaded.' In order to observe the gaps inside a cell, the 'unshaded' form corresponds to bioluminescence in nature. These lights conceptually symbolise molecular structures that are illuminated from within. The 'shaded' forms are inspired by how light adapts within caves and other enclosed areas. The ceramic sculptor has studied the biological process of exocytosis, in which the cellular membranes and the components of the cell that are to be discharged from the cell combine to form asymmetric apertures.

Javed describes each of his sculptural lighting designs as a ‘labour of love,’ with each piece being handcrafted with utmost care and detail. Keen emphasis is given to the form and the clay incorporated as the material. The lighting designer follows a meticulous design process for each lighting fixture, from the inception, concept, to the finished product. He works on several iterations and prototypes before arriving at the final design. “I usually undergo the refinement process with 2-3 versions of the lamp prototypes to identify a series of design improvements that can be made before a client enjoys the final piece. This involves trying out different forms, making sure all lamp wiring components are feasible, and the lamp works as a singular body,” he explains.

Sculptures evolve from static forms into dynamic depictions of life within Javed’s body of work. In addition to pushing the envelope of artistic expression, this unprecedented synthesis of scientific and creative disciplines deepens the comprehension and appreciation of the intricate universe within each organism and design.

Text by Ria Jha

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