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Samsung x fuseproject relaunch The Frame with technological upgrades
Fitted with sensors, The Frame changes its brightness and visibility according to its surroundings
Image: Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung x fuseproject relaunch The Frame with technological upgrades

The Frame by Samsung offers a screen display that camouflages with its environment 

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Feb 09, 2022

Humans always pride themselves for their taste. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to curating the spaces around us. When designing or redesigning our home and office spaces to emulate our personal style, every attempt is made to cover up flaws or unattractive elements within a space. The surge in recent advancements has also contributed to this end: one can splash their walls with the boldest colour combinations or adorn their tables with an array of quirky tablecloths.

Electronic gadgets most often lack the flexibility of mimicking styles or carrying particular patterns. While a television can fill the space around it with music, laughter and vivid shadows, it goes back to being a big, black box of empty wall hanging when not in use. In doing so, it can rob a room of a significant amount of space that could have otherwise been decorated in a unique manner. This was the initial thought that guided the process of creating The Frame. Part of an ongoing collaboration between Samsung and industrial design firm, fuseproject, this new innovation aims to view television not as a consumer product, but as a component within one’s home. “The Frame is the next generation of display thanks to technical, digital and content innovations,” says Yves Behar, founder of fuseproject, the industrial design firm that is responsible for the designing this innovative product.

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The Frame appears like an artwork displayed on the wall Image:Courtesy of Samsung

While The Frame was first unveiled in 2017, it has resurfaced with newly integrated features now. The 2022 version of The Frame includes, in addition to previous features, a new matte, anti-reflective display that enhances the viewing experience of the artworks displayed on the screen. It promises to offer a viewing of museum-quality artworks that are characterised by canvas texture and a background that appears uncannily like paper. The upgraded version of The Frame will also include a new Art Store UX, which will curate recommendations for its users based on their preferences and make it all the more easy to choose the final curation of artworks that they wish to display./p>

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The display can easily blend in with the artworks displayed around it Image:Courtesy of Samsung

Designed by fuseproject, an industrial design firm headed by Yves Behar, The Frame is a unique and innovative product that merges technology with well-being. The initial phase of the design process involved reflections about a television display that did not just come alive when switched on, but instead offered an enhanced type of display that can serve as an aesthetic inspiration to the people who move around it. Whenever the television is turned off, it switches to ‘Art Mode’ instead of going black. In simple words, the television appears like an artwork displayed on the wall of your living room or bedroom or simply leaning against the television cabinet whenever it is not in use. In addition to that, the display of The Frame is sensor based, adapting its brightness and presence according to the shift in the environment from day to night. This ensures that the screen is still visible when it is bright, while also ensuring that there is no glare during dark hours.

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Users can choose images from a wide range of categories and themes Image:Courtesy of Samsung

What makes this new innovation even more interesting is that The Frame features the artworks of several prominent and internationally recognised artists, thus offering a portal to a virtual museum through the television screen. A selection of the artworks was made by curator Elise Van Middelem, who had this to say about The Frame: “Our goal was to make the Samsung Collection accessible to anyone in this way; that is why The Frame includes artists from the four corners of the world, from Southeast Asia to Canada, and from South Africa to Europe.”

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The Frame blends in with the decor around it and appear like a decorative item instead of an electronic one Image:Courtesy of Samsung

Middelem selected 100 artworks in the beginning, and divided them into categories like Landscapes, Architecture, Wild Life, Drawing, Digital Art, Action, Still Life, Patterns, Urban Abstract and From Above, thus welcoming users to choose a theme of their liking. Featuring the works of 38 artists from across the world, The Frame art collection comprises a diverse range of artworks of top-notch quality in a digital format. “The Frame has the potential to change our perception of viewing art: how it is approached, collected and displayed. It allows anyone to learn about art through living with it,” shares internationally acclaimed curator Elise Van Middelem.

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The Frame also provides to option of displaying personal photos Image:Courtesy of Samsung

In addition to offering users the option of choosing an artwork of their choice, The Frame also comes with customisable features that can enable choosing different art layouts, colours and accessory options in tandem with one’s desire. Additionally, users also have the option to forgo the option of displaying these artworks and instead, display their own personal images on the screen.

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