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Ralph Pucci unveils six-week-long pop-up at London Design Festival 2022
Ralph Pucci’s Pop-up Gallery
Image: Courtesy of Ralph Pucci International

Ralph Pucci unveils six-week-long pop-up at London Design Festival 2022

Set to begin during the London Design Festival 2022, the renowned American brand will exhibit a collection of luxury furnishing and lighting designs by a selection of designers internationally.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Sep 06, 2022

American luxury furniture and lighting brand, Ralph Pucci International, will host a six-week pop-up gallery in Mayfair, London from 21 September 2022 till 31 October 2022. The design and art gallery will exhibit a diverse assortment of works from its lineup of internationally recognized designers and photographers within 2,000 square feet of exhibition space over two floors. Beginning during the London Design Festival and continuing through PAD Paris and Frieze, with the possibility of extending until the end of the year. For the first time, a selection of the gallery's acclaimed artists and designers will be shown globally at the London pop-up.

The Pucci family Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

Well known for their luxury furniture and lighting, Ralph Pucci furniture was established by Nick and Lee Pucci in 1954. In the earliest days of its conception, the duo worked as American mannequin designers. However, with the suggestion of their son Ralph to begin fabricating unique mannequins in collaboration with artists and designs, the company gained a lot of fame for its creative production. “We have always wanted to have a gallery in London, many of our clients and collectors are based overseas and London is such a global hub,” says Michael Pucci, the third generation of Ralph Pucci International. Andree Putman, a French interior designer who collaborated with the Pucci family, developed a mannequin for the company in 1989 and then urged the company to represent her furniture in the United States. Throughout the years, the brand has garnered a lot of positive reception and has become one of the most exciting design galleries in the country, with galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and now London. “This is so different from our US galleries, in their big industrial spaces. But it is great to edit and introduce ourselves in an intimate space that helps clients and collectors to know us better and discover our range of both timeless and innovative design,” shares Ralph Pucci upon extending the gallery’s horizons.

The Seagull chair and the Aphrodite Floor Lamp by Patrick Nagger Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

First amongst the select exhibitors is Patrick Naggar who draws inspiration from the eternal question of the cosmos. The French architect, artist and designer extends his imagination beyond the earth to include mysteries, mythologies, science, symbolism, and ancient and modern cultural references. He often weaves a narrative for his work through a mix of noble materials. The designer is all set to debut his latest dining chair and floor lamp designs at the pop-up.

Stephan Bishop and the Ring Console Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

Stephan Bishop is an artist who works towards visualising and interpreting nature and its elements. He designs sculptural and functional pieces using elements from the earthly realm such as roots, wood, earth and stone. Known for his collectable Ring Console, the furniture designer materialises nature and presents it in the form of functional art. The console, artistically uplifts the functionality of a console with its constructive product design and a matt black colour.

John Wigmore’s ‘The Bird’ light sculpture Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

Minimalism, the Light and Space movement of 1960s Los Angeles, and 1970s aesthetics are among the key sources of inspiration for lighting designer John Wigmore. The LA-based designer joined Ralph Pucci in 2014 and ever since, has been an important contributor to the gallery’s collections. On display will be the American designer’s iconic light sculpture ‘The Bird’ from the series ‘Film Pieces’.

Lianne Gold’s light sculptures Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

After serving an apprenticeship in sculpture under John Waddell in Sedona, Arizona, Lianne Gold honed her skills as an exceptional glassmaker. The designer, with her ever-growing passion for glassmaking, has been associated with Ralph Pucci international since 2010 enriching their collections with sculptural lights. She is often recognised for her organic and intricate designs.

Eric Schmitt’s Out Rageous console and Out Standing table Image: Courtesy of the Ralph Pucci International

French designer Eric Schmitt adds a certain sinuosity to all his pieces. Each of his designs is created, designed and shaped in his workshop and then entrusted to the finest craftsmen in France. On display in the pop-up exhibition will be Schmitt’s Out Rageous console and Out Standing dining table, which is presented in a contrasting colour combination of white with black. In addition to the aforementioned designers, the pop-up exhibition will include the works of Vladimir Kagan, Claudia Alvarez, Paul Mathieu, Kevin Walz and Spencer Fung.

The exhibit will also host exclusives from the Ralph Pucci Collection including furniture design and lighting collections. Created and produced by Ralph Pucci, the collections are based on the ‘roots’ of modernism and place an emphasis on the ‘hand of the artist’. With blackened materials, stainless-steel frames, a mixture of marble, glass, pure wool, and saddle-stitched leather, the line is traditional, timeless, and elegant.

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