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‘Perceptions’ by Known Work is inspired by the idea of home as an extension of oneself
Perceptions Collection by Known Work
Image: Sean Davidson

‘Perceptions’ by Known Work is inspired by the idea of home as an extension of oneself

Through meticulously crafted pieces, the 'Perceptions' Collection celebrates individuality, blending natural materials with design expertise. 

by Ria Jha
Published on : Apr 03, 2024

A home is more than just bricks and mortar; it's an aesthetic extension of oneself, a canvas upon which our personalities are painted in every corner and crevice. A home encompasses our memories, dreams and aspirations, much like a jewel box that contains one's most valuable possessions. Every furniture piece and interior design decision conveys a narrative that reflects our personalities, interests and life experiences. We may freely express ourselves and find comfort in our dwellings, from the thoughtfully chosen artwork that graces the walls to the comfortable corners that invite quiet reflection.

Inspired by the idea of a home as an aesthetic extension of oneself, New York-based studio Known Work designed the Perceptions Collection. Co-founders Jeremy Levitt and Danu Kennedy, have meticulously examined the characteristics of objects that evoke a sense of home, drawing upon their combined 20-plus years of interior design expertise and applying it to Perceptions. “The name of the collection came from the idea and knowledge that everyone’s experience of the world is different. No two experiences or perceptions are the same, we are unique beings and filter the world through individual lenses. This collection is an offering to that in a way, an offering to your perception, how you perceive your environment and the things in it,” the product designers share.

The Perceptions Collection features a wide range of products, ranging from furniture design, and lighting design, to artefacts and candle holders that create a dynamic interplay of tension and contrast. This collection achieves a pleasing mix of scales and textures by skillfully contrasting geometric shapes with soft materials. A keen attention to detail distinguishes each component, highlighting its beneficial and intuitive design goal. With a process rooted in constant dialogue and curiosity, Perceptions was born out of the duo’s meticulous attention to detail and deep reverence for craftsmanship. Commenting on the design philosophy behind the collection the designers relay, “In terms of the designs, we get obsessed over materials, textures, details, silhouettes and how a piece inhabits a space, its presence within space and the relationship it has with other objects. One thing we decided early on was that we wanted to design our collections as vignettes, so each piece can stand alone or be paired with other objects in a multitude of ways. We tend to be holistic in the way we think of furniture design and interior design; imagining the room a piece will exist within and how that dictates some of the decisions we make in terms of materials, shapes, forms, etc.”

“Developing each piece within Perceptions was an exercise in release and acceptance of what natural materials can give us and celebrating the result. It was a test of our flexibility as designers,” the duo share. To emphasise the natural contrasts between the pieces in this collection, unpredictable materials like glass and ceramic were purposefully combined with more structured and dependable elements like metal and wood. Reactive glaze on the candlesticks and hand-blown glass shades were two examples of unanticipated outcomes from the prototype process. Similarly, embracing the process and its results instead of exerting control was applied by the designers while working with molten glass. “Our expertise in material has really helped us understand the parameters of the materials we want to work with. The process was quite intuitive and we followed what felt right and pivoted as we needed. Nothing was forceful, it came from a place of curiosity and celebration,” they add.

The Perceptions collection embodies a celebration of natural materials and offers a range of unique and versatile pieces. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each product design reflects the honesty of its materials, showcasing natural variations and irregularities. From the timeless elegance of the candle holders and catchalls to the functional yet sculptural aluminium cubes, each piece serves as a treasured object in its own right. The collection also includes versatile display objects, such as plinths that can be used as side tables, available in various finishes to complement any aesthetic. The bench and chair designs from the collection combine comfort with minimalist design principles, while the atmospheric table lamp seamlessly blends delicate hand-blown glass with patina steel. Lastly, the ottoman adds a playful yet sophisticated touch, featuring form-enhancing materials and unique design elements. Together, these pieces form a cohesive collection that celebrates the beauty of form, function and materiality.

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