Patricia Urquiola, David Rockwell to headline IFI LEADS 2022
IFI LEADS 2022 Speakers List.
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Patricia Urquiola, David Rockwell to headline IFI LEADS 2022

The International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers is hosting the IFI LEADS, a 50 minute virtual presentation, with an incredible panel of speakers. This year's talk revolves around the topic of Design and Creativity.

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Published on : Feb 18, 2022

IFI LEADS - Luminary Experts, Architects & Designers Speaker Series, a 50 minute virtual panel discussion, is scheduled to stream on the 21st of February, 2022 on the IFI website. This year’s panel will talk about the topic ‘Design & Creativity: Innovating for New World Realities’, with four virtual presentations by world renowned experts and speakers who will share their approach and learnings. The panel of speakers consist of Chi Wing Lo, Founder, DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO; Patricia Urquiola, Founder and Owner of Studio Urquiola; David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group; and journalist/editor-in-chief Walter Mariotti, Editorial Director, Domus.

The International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers was founded in 1963, with the intention to create a group of world architects, designers, experts, policy makers and enthusiasts who in conjunction support the betterment of society through design. Considered as the provisional United Nations for the world of Interiors, IFI focuses on creating fellowships and networks to encourage design excellence and knowledge. The federation’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to strengthening design knowledge, design integrity, calibre of design work all while enhancing quality of work. At the IFI LEADS event, the curated list of speakers are in the vanguard of interior design. With this year’s topic revolving around the future applications of design, IFI Leads in going to be exceptionally illuminating for aspiring architects and designers.

This year’s speakers are all experts, transforming interior design and architecture. Chi Wing Lo, a Hong Kong born designer is famous for his prolific range of work, spanning from architecture to sculptures and interiors. The founder of Italian interior design company, DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO, Lo’s work has garnered international attention for his architecture and design. Patricia Urquiola, the founder and owner of Madrid based Urquiola Studio, has been at the forefront of Spanish interior design since the early 2000s, with many of her works being showcased at prestigious institutions like the MoMA NY, V&A London, Paris Decorative Arts Museum and many more.

David Rockwell, a standard name in American design and Hollywood set production, is the founder of the Rockwell Group, USA. Rockwell is famous for his use of theatricality in architecture and design and is responsible for many high-end establishments around the world such as Caesar's Palace, The W, Nobu restaurants worldwide, the Dolby Theatre and many more. Rockwell is also the recipient of a Tony Award and two Emmys for his set design work in theatre and television. Walter Mariotti, the final speaker is a highly coveted scholar and the Editorial Director of Domus Italy. Mariotti has worked as a researcher, professor and in public administration. As a journalist Mariotti reconceptualised the Milan based Panorama Magazine, where he was the Deputy Editor-in-chief. Since 2017, Mariotti has been the Editorial Director of Domus, where he has been working on the entire system, enhancing the magazine, website and events.

IFI LEADS will take place on the 21st of February on their website and the entire discussion will also be made available on-demand. With the help of Title Sponsor, Shaw Contract IFI LEADS has put together a panel of individuals who have shaped their professions and have created works that push aspiring designers to strive for the highest level of design thinking.

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