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Particle's ‘Homewares Capsule Collection’ fuses sustainability and functionality
Furniture pieces from the Homewares Capsule Collection
Image: Courtesy of Particle

Particle's ‘Homewares Capsule Collection’ fuses sustainability and functionality

The Brooklyn-based furniture and homeware brand creates colourful and interesting products for NYC x Design Week 2023, highlighting the use of recycled materials. 

by STIRpad
Published on : May 23, 2023

Post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials are transformed into architecturally inspired objects and furniture by Particle, a Brooklyn-based furniture and homeware brand that reenvisions the boundaries of sustainability and design. The founders Krissy Harbert and Amanda Rawlings paved the sustainable path by utilising 100% recycled substances from used sneakers and footwear material. “During the recycling process of footwear waste, the material is ground down and transformed into blocks. However, due to the nature of the process, the resulting material often yields irregular shapes and sizes that may not conform to conventional product design standards. As a result, the aesthetic of the material can be difficult to define, but it can best be described as an amalgamation of particles and granules. Despite its unconventional appearance, this recycled material is a vital component in our commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious design,” share Harbert and Rawlings. It is in that vein that their new Homewares Capsule Collection showcasing at the NYC x Design Week 2023 from May 19 to May 25 is crafted, as a viable and architecturally inspired collection where the waste material is recreated in other forms to inspire and pop home designs in fresh and imaginative ways.

“Our inspiration for our Homewares Capsule Collection stems from the colour trends of past footwear collections. Recognising the potential in the industry's waste as each season changes and new trends begin, we sought to transform it into a captivating assortment that aligns with our aesthetic vision for our homeware collection,” shares Rawlings. The homeware collection comprises 3mm circle coasters, 3mm rectangular coasters, 3mm round placemats, and 3mm rectangle placemats in unique colours and patterns. The furniture collection showcases the I Got Your Back chair with four panels as supports and Nike Eva stool crafted with plywood and Nike multicolour Eva recycled material as accents to the furniture design. “Our approach to design with our brand is centred around creating a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness that resonates with a broad audience. Whether someone is a design enthusiast, fashion aficionado, streetwear devotee, or simply looking to inject some fun into their lives, we aim to offer a product line that is relatable and approachable. We recognise that life is messy, and in our efforts to reduce waste and repurposed materials, we want our customers to feel free to let loose and have fun with our designs without worrying about being too precious or delicate. Our goal is to inspire creativity and spontaneity while simultaneously promoting sustainability and eco-consciousness,” elaborates Harbert.

Particle's designs emphasise playfulness, enabling users to interact with their products in a lighthearted and enjoyable way. The brand promotes artistic expression and aims to make its audience happy. One of Particle's key values is sustainability, the company is committed to minimising its environmental impact and encouraging responsible consumption by using recycled products and reusing waste. Every element of Particle's ethos incorporates sustainability. With an aspiration to be inclusive and approachable to a variety of people, the brand aims to offer a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for everyone, regardless of their interest in design, fashion, streetwear, or in just having fun. The brand aims to build relationships with various communities and foster a sense of belonging.

Text by Ria Jha

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