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'Oloïd' by Impact Acoustic x atelier oï is a striking play of light and sound
Oloïd by Impact Acoustic and atelier oï
Image: Courtesy of Impact Acoustic

'Oloïd' by Impact Acoustic x atelier oï is a striking play of light and sound

The Swiss acoustic solutions company, in cahoots with the multidisciplinary studio, unveils a sound-absorbing luminaire that integrates functionality and creativity.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Jan 18, 2024

Acoustics is an indispensable layer of a space that might go unnoticed visually but is never unheard. Sound, a powerful energy that can make or break an experience, has a substantial impact on emotions and perceptions. It defines the characteristics of an environment and lays the groundwork for overall spatial comfort. If this impact permeates spaces regardless of typologies, why should active discourses pertaining to acoustical treatments be restricted to conference halls, theatres and auditoriums? This delicate, botanical luminaire can add captivating character to any space while silently injecting in it acoustic excellence.

Impact Acoustic, a provider of sustainable acoustic solutions, joins forces with renowned Swiss design studio atelier oï to breathe life into Oloïd, a lighting design that amalgamates acoustic excellence and intuitive design. The collaborators channel their respective expertise in acoustic engineering, material research and design innovation into the unique sound-absorbing luminaire. Made using ARCHISONIC® Felt, Impact Acoustic's proprietary high-performance acoustic absorber, Oloïd displays sound absorbing properties with sustainability and responsible material sourcing at its core. "At atelier oï, we often begin our creative process with an encounter with the material," says Aurel Aebi, co-founder, atelier oi. "Our goal was to find a way to make the sustainable material speak in a new way," he adds.

Since its inception, Switzerland-based Impact Acoustic has worked to contrive solutions dedicated to enhancing acoustic environments of motley spaces. In tandem, their commitment to sustainable design and irrefutable quality is an unwavering pillar of their ethos. atelier oi, bringing to life an oeuvre fuelled by a multidisciplinary approach and unbridled creativity, was founded by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland. Specialising in architecture, interior design, product design and scenography, the studio pursues a form of design that is intuitive and emotional, fostering transformative experiences.

The practices come together with a shared knack for innovation, a passion that moulds their collaboration as a representation of their respective tenets. Working with Impact Acoustic’s proprietary materials, atelier oi assembles them in a composition almost botanical, suspended in the air as it blooms, and eventually, glows.

ARCHISONIC® Felt, a unique material employed to realise the product design, is an environmentally friendly acoustic solution and a versatile building material—valued in both the architecture and furniture industries. Instead of relying on newly extracted materials, the designers resort to upcycling single-used plastic bottles. For every square metre of finished material, 88 post-consumer PET bottles are upcycled. This sustainable and high-performance acoustic absorber caters to the motley requirements of construction through different material thicknesses and an array of colour options.

To achieve the organic silhouette, the designers had to think outside the limits laid by the material's stiffness and flatness. Selecting suitable tools and processes, the product designers tested and gave the panels an entirely new character. Oloïd's striking personality is refined further by the carefully curated selection of all 32 colours in the ARCHISONIC® Felt range, allowing architects and interior designers to personalise spaces and create immersive environments. "The collaboration fascinated us as we witnessed the metamorphosis of our material. This was made possible using a distinctive cutting technique at specific angles and the skilful folding of the panels. This creative approach seamlessly transformed the two-dimensional panels into fascinating three-dimensional entities, transcending surfaces to tangible bodies," said Sven Erni, co-founder of Impact Acoustic. “With its sustainable design, this collaboration sets a new standard for sound-absorbing luminaires,” he adds.

In this tryst of material technology and design innovation, an unconventional solution come forth, aspiring to make spaces acoustically sound, without compromising a distinct expression—that plain panels and baffles often are in want of. As functionality and artistic flair interweave in Oloïd’s innovative design, the designers reimagine the interaction of sound and light to yield one that has the potential to uplift any space.

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