Mirage launches a series of new collections at Cersaie 2021
Elysian collection

Mirage launches a series of new collections at Cersaie 2021

by Nitija Immanuel
Published on : Sep 27, 2021

Mirage participates in the 2021 edition of Cersaie with a series of new collections for floor and wall coverings - indoor and outdoor, intended to meet the demands of different markets, and with destinations ranging from residential to the commercial. Elysian, Jolie and Miroir are the Mirage 2021 novelties inspired by ‘beauty’, in the Aristotelian sense of the term, expression of the company's ability to interpret trends and return a product aesthetically harmonious and highly performing, the result of consolidated experience in ceramic production and technological research.


The evocation of beauty, inspired by this collection whose Greek name means 'perfect, divinely inspired' is inherent in the concept of the product itself. Elysian seeks the balance between graphic harmony and complexity chromatic, the leitmotif of all the research at the base of the project, drawing inspiration from the elements existing in nature, and in particular from the mining world.

For the production of Elysian, Mirage has selected countless natural subjects, studying their colors, shades and refractions of light, and evaluating their use in architecture and interior design. The result is a declination of eight natural subjects revisited in porcelain stoneware, suitable for covering floors and outdoor walls.

Jolie - Praise to Beauty

The term "Joli", in French, refers to clean beauty, not screamed, which lasts over time precisely because it is not flaunted. A charm destined to live then, like that of the marbles to which the collection is inspired, the embodiment of an architecture capable of evolving over time while remaining faithful to itself. Jolie is an anthology of rare and pure references, where every vein and every single slab are the results of a careful selection aimed at reinterpreting in an extremely faithful way the aesthetic value and the elements of uniqueness that only nature is able to create. Floors, coverings, but also furnishings and finishes, Jolie is a creative and design tool for any type of style and environment.


Synonymous with beauty and vanity, the mirror effect characterizes the new Mirage collection. Made in porcelain stoneware, the collection is enriched with decorative elements that embellish the surface: gold and platinum applied but also geometric designs, arabesque and floral inspirations create magical environments. To the charm of the decorations is added the ability of the mirror surfaces to expand the spaces, creating optical effects and plays of light that give breath to the environments.

View their showcase from 27 September to 1 October 2021 at: Cersaie 2021:

Hall 25 Stand A266-B267

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