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Milan Iluminción and Jordi Pla conceive a ‘Symphony’ of sleek lighting designs
The Symphony collection by Milan Iluminción
Video: Courtesy of Milan Iluminción

Milan Iluminción and Jordi Pla conceive a ‘Symphony’ of sleek lighting designs

The Spanish lighting brand collaborates with product designer Jordi Pla to craft the Symphony luminaire collection, emulating a recital of percussion and light diffusion.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Aug 24, 2023

Light is deemed the fourth dimension of architecture that can make or break a spatial experience. Along with the weighty implications of natural light in a space, artificial light establishes itself as an essential associate. The intensity, colour, or angle of lighting is capable of delineating not just the physical space, but also what one experiences in it. The ideal lighting can guide emotions and evoke desired responses—creativity, cognitive performance, comfort, and well-being—Ergo, for lighting designers, this medium becomes one of incessant possibilities—does it represent grandeur or simplicity, comfort or curiosity, activity or serenity? In this case, lighting becomes a small orchestra that serenades the user.

Milan Iluminción, a lighting brand based in Barcelona, Spain, prides itself for crafting luminaires that not only epitomise detail and craftsmanship, but also those that are environmentally efficient. For over 60 years, they have been producing lamps in a close environment with the aid of local suppliers, with the entire supply chain established locally. In collaboration with Spanish designer Jordi Pla Sabaté, the brand unveils the Symphony collection—a series of lighting designs materialised akin to a small orchestra that transports the user into a recital of percussion and light diffusion. The ensemble constitutes four different foot versions, two lampshades, a wall lamp, a high table lamp and a low table lamp.

Trained in Barcelona and Switzerland, Sabaté is in constant pursuit of a reason that justifies each of his creations. He draws inspiration from diversity and forming connections where there appear to be none—formulating a unique understanding and creative expression. Conceiving his own product design studio in Barcelona in 2011, he has developed projects for different companies and institutions, providing new perspectives and design solutions. His partnership with Milan Iluminción was built on similar foundations. Sabaté’s process embraces new methodologies and technical know-how while amalgamating with the brand’s responsible production model and humane approach. What emerged from their alliance is a collection that represents lightness and fragility, in tandem with striking character.

The lamp designs that partake in the series feature a rotating shade that moves around the circular light source owing to a magnetic system. Rotating the shade allows the user to direct the light to dilute or envelop the space's atmosphere. The glass lampshade’s magnetisation system generates a magnetic field that enables the screen to rotate around it, emulating a ball joint on the axis. Symphony comprises four different versions of luminaires—a floor lamp, wall light, high table lamp and low table lamp, two different shades, one magnetic and the other one fitting around the bulb. Both are available in two sizes and three different colours that make them seamlessly blend into living spaces. The luminaires are made out of steel, both extruded and stamped, and donned in three finishes: mink lacquer, charcoal grey, and metallic copper. The adjustable shades, both with a magnet and with a support system on the decorative shade, are made of spinning aluminium while the light-diffusing shade is made of glossy opal blown glass.

The sleek contemporary designs that are compositions of clean lines and uncluttered elements speak of the characteristic style of Milan Iluminación’s lamps. In addition to prioritising attention to detail, technical nuances and quality, the brand duly considers reducing the carbon footprint of the production processes and being environmentally conscious. Symphony is fuelled by this approach and the close relationships established with all who contribute to it. For the product designers, humane treatment is paramount—a characteristic evident in designs that embody sheer simplicity and elegance.

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