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Michele D'Agostino to take one on a stroll through oak trees at the Superdesign Show
Like Trees In The Woods installation conceived by Michele D'Agostino
Image: Michele D'Agostino

Michele D'Agostino to take one on a stroll through oak trees at the Superdesign Show

'Like Trees In The Woods' aims to offer an immersive space made of mirrored stainless steel at the Superdesign Show for Milan Design Week 2024.

by STIRpad
Published on : Apr 09, 2024

Like Trees In The Woods is a site-specific art installation conceived by sculptor and academician Michele D'Agostino. The project represents a forest of oaks reflected to infinity by mirrored stainless steel surfaces confining the trees. Characteristic of the artist's works rooted in narration and irony, the installation curated by Mimmo di Marzio, will be unveiled by the Italian steel cladding and surfaces brand, Nichelcrom Lab at the upcoming Superdesign Show for Milan Design Week 2024. The project ties beautifully to the theme for this year’s show, THINKING DIFFERENT – everything, everywhere, everyone, of which the focus has been on celebrating nature and unconventional design approaches to cater to Generation Z.

Like Trees In The Woods offers a surreal journey with a striking impact, stemming from the interplay of nature, materials, and technology. It seeks to foster a harmonious dialogue between the natural and artificial realms by encouraging the visitors to stroll through real oak trees, typical of the Italian territory. The trees are reflected and replicated by mirrored stainless steel in an artificial setting, where the ground replaces the earth and the ceiling substitutes for the sky contributing to the formation of an alternative space.

The presence of mirrored steel surfaces blends the image of the viewers with that of the trees suggesting that they are not merely spectators, but active participants in the discourse. This sense of connection evokes a more profound emotional response, nurturing empathy and raising consciousness regarding environmental concerns. The steel surfaces seemingly multiply the space through optical illusion, offering visitors a disorienting and decontextualising effect. The visual experience provokes a sense of wonder and curiosity by challenging people’s preconceived notions of space and reality.

D'Agostino has employed mirrored stainless steel in the installation given its eco-sustainable nature and 100 per cent recyclability. The project also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability in its decision of integrating the trees donated by the Innocenti & Mangoni nursery for the installation, into the urban landscape, at the end of the design week. The oak trees will be relocated and planted permanently in Milan, creating a small green lung offered to the community. Furthermore, the selection of oak trees, which are native to the region, ensures ecological compatibility and resilience in the local environment.

'Like Trees In The Woods' will be on view from April 15-21, 2024 at Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27 20144 – Milano, Italy.

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