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Maison&Objet anchors the ‘Meta Sensible’ mantra for September 2022 edition
Maison&Objet returns for its September 2022 edition
Image: Courtesy of Maison&Objet

Maison&Objet anchors the ‘Meta Sensible’ mantra for September 2022 edition

The September 2022 edition invites viewers to explore latest products and innovations while tapping into current trends.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Jun 15, 2022

Maison&Objet Paris is all set to return with a brand new sensorial edition of its design fair in Paris from 8th till 12 September 2022. With its theme ‘Meta Sensible’ the Parisian design fair will encourage viewers to step into a new, one of its kind world that is focused on a deep-rooted need for meaning, emotions and trends in design. The current times are sparked with a yearning for interiors that strike a subtle balance between being anchored in the real world, surrounded by artisan pieces, craftsmanship and tactility while having an ever-developing trend of digital living that is free of all ties.

Presentation for Maison&Objet Paris Image: Courtesy of Maison&Objet

With their theme, Maison&Objet paint a picture of a world that sustains in the physical world by opposing or resisting its digital counterpart resulting in a brand new media for creation, communication and distribution of design. Just like all of its previous editions, Maison&Objet in September programmes sensorial experiences and events that will be held on-site and also digitally.

Du Roy Pink- a curated display for Maison&Objet Image: Courtesy of Derryck Menere

Maison&Objet recently announced its winner for the Designer of the year award while endorsing rising talent and spotting the next generation of stars and innovative designers. Following the footsteps of Franklin Azzi's eclectic architecture, the September 2022 edition will highlight the erudite refinement of Cristina Celestino, a creator and interior designer who is currently one of Italy's most prominent talents. This understated designer, who emanates beautiful and brilliant artistic flair, plans to open the doors of her ‘Exotic Palace’ for the duration of the trade show, transporting us to another world for a fleeting time. “The project designed for the upcoming edition of Maison&Objet was born out of a desire for temporary immersion into another reality, where the exotic beauty, the love for decoration, the passion for colours and the urge to create scenarios in connection with nature are punctual. Opening windows on other worlds, creating bridges between past and present, gift the audience with a reinterpretation of topics like ‘watching’, ‘conversating’ and ‘sharing’ as part of a choral approach. On this ground, the decorative and architectural project becomes the means to convey the senses,” states Celestino on the conception of her upcoming installation.

Cristina Celestino Image: Courtesy of Studio Celestino

The halls of the fair will be filled with a curative vibe when Maison&Objet will shine light on innovation, technology and design. The visitors will be able to engage with emerging brands and studios including the displays by french designers Bina Baitel, Samuel Accoceberry, Charlotte Juillard and Pierre Gonolons. The fair will be witnessing a plethora of events such as the ‘Sensory Experience’ featuring exceptional installations by famous names will showcase even more new products, innovations and talented designers, with fascinating interludes to draw inspiration from. Alongside, the ‘Light Trends’ explores the immensity of innovation in the field of lighting design while the ‘20 Talks’ will feature instructive conversations and design discussions. The fair will also give the audience a chance to witness innovative materials with the addition of the Materio library among many other events and initiatives.

A display from studio Celestino Image: Courtesy of Studio Celestino

Extending their objective of commemorating young designers, Maison&Objet will also shine its spotlight on commemorating young Dutch designers with its Rising Talent Awards section; with its specific attention on the Netherlands. Chairing the Jury for the Design Awards are globally renowned female designers including Chantal Hamaide- the Founder of the Intramuros Magazine, Wiki Somers- a prolific Dutch designer, Kiki Van Eijk- Co-Founder of Kiki and Joost design Studio, Hella Jongerius of the Jongeriuslab Studio and Ineke Hans- a renowned Dutch designer.

Atelier Fig’s Gravity collection bowl Image: Courtesy of Atelier Fig

With unanimity in their voices, Maison & Objet’s jury brought its expert judgement to a selection composed of four individual talents and two duos as a testimony to the international nature of design in the Netherlands. Selected designers include the works of Hanna Kooistra, Atelier Fig’s Ruben Hoogvliet and Gijs Wouters, Theophile Blandet, Seok-Hyeon Yoon, Visser and Meijwaard, Simone Post and for a special award which was only recently introduced in Maison&Objet’s March 2022 edition, the winner for the Rising Talent Awards Craft- Sanne Terweij.

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