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Lumen: Dibbern collaborates with Tobias Grau to mould fine bone china into lamps
Lumen lamps are crafted in fine bone china
Image: Courtesy of Dibbern

Lumen: Dibbern collaborates with Tobias Grau to mould fine bone china into lamps

Porcelain brand Dibbern recently debuted their minimalistic lamp collection at as part of a site-specific installation for Milan Design Week 2023.

by STIRpad
Published on : May 25, 2023

A juxtaposition of centuries-old tradition and contemporary design are woven together to create a sculptural, artistic lighting design. Lumen is a lighting collection crafted by Dibbern, a Hamburg-based porcelain manufacturer. Complex craftsmanship hallmarks Dibbern’s high-quality products which combined with Tobias Grau’s design technology and art form resulted in Dibbern’s first lamp collection designed by Tobias Grau touted Lumen, which was also showcased at the now concluded design festival Milan Design Week 2023.

Dibbern's fine bone china is a durable material, although wafer thin and translucent it is still exceptionally stable. It creates the ideal stage for fine food and drinks on any table setting. Simple and minimalistic, the Lumen table lamp design by Tobias Grau optimally illuminates the entire setting. "Lumen consists of a cylinder made of fine bone china, which is also a luminaire, and an element made of coloured glass, which can be placed inside it or put over it. The cylinder is available in two heights - the glass in four colours. It provides a warm soft light and at the same time reflects the lightness of the material. All the shapes are familiar, but the combination creates a special expression. Each luminaire has a little personality," shares designer Tobias Grau.

Fine bone china from Dibbern shines by virtue of a straightforward porcelain cylinder and a condensed, simplified design. The series is made up of four interchangeable porcelain bodies intended as lights and four different glasses in two different glass colours. Warm, gentle light is produced by the glass, which also reflects the material's lightness giving Lumen a distinct personality due to its simple design.

The bulbs can illuminate at various brightness levels owing to tipsyControl, a patented method that enables dimming and switching on and off by tilting, holding, and setting down again. The battery lights can be used actively for seven hours without a switch.

Tobias Grau and Dibbern collectively stand for aesthetics combined with the functionality of the products, Lumen satiates the homogenous ideologies. Synonymous with the sturdy and durable nature of fine bone china, this collaboration between Dibbern and Tobias Grau looks back on many years of togetherness that Lumen is now a part of.

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Text by Ria Jha

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