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LiGHT23 will illuminate current industry trends in the world of lighting design
This year’s LiGHT23, a lighting design trade show organized by [d]arc media, brings together industry experts and designers to illuminate current trends and significance of lighting design
Image: LiGHT23

LiGHT23 will illuminate current industry trends in the world of lighting design

Organised by [d]arc media, the UK's only dedicated exhibition for lighting, will take place from November 21-22, 2023, connecting designers with industry experts and brands.

by Mrinmayee Bhoot
Published on : Nov 01, 2023

LiGHT 23, the only UK-based trade show dedicated to lighting specification, will take place on November 21-22, 2023 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Diverse lighting brands will participate in the exhibition, showcasing their collections under one roof and offering visitors a chance to witness the wide range of products from both the decorative and architectural lighting design market. One of the highlights over the two days will be the [d]arc thoughts stage, where designers and industry experts will address key topics and trends in the business. These professionals will share their individual experience and insight on the importance of good lighting for high-end residential designs, commercial and hospitality projects. The symposium is organised in collaboration with lighting control specialist Lutron. Speaking on the forum, Krishna Mistry from Mistry Lighting, one of the panellists on the schedule added, “I am looking forward to speaking about my experience in designing lighting schemes for restaurants and bars. It was a great event last year and I’m sure it’ll be even better this year seeing new products and hearing more inspiring talks.”

Included in the schedule of discussions is a panel by The British Institute of Interior Design, which will look at how lighting makes a difference in small and large spaces through the lens of interior design. The roundtable comprises Stephen Dick, founder of Residence Interior Design, a UK-based practice; Stephanie Dias of Sdias, London; and Debbie Power, Associate Director of KSS group. Other talks and discussions in the program include the Institution of Lighting Professionals’ (ILP) ‘How to be Brilliant’ series with Light Bureau’s head Paul Traynor, Katia Kolovea of The Lighting Police who will co-host a hands-on observation walking workshop, and Lighting Design International’s Sandra Brookes’ presentation titled ‘Evoking Luxury with Lighting’ where she will highlight the importance of creating an enticing atmosphere to enhance visitor experience in commercial design projects. Speaking about her presentation, and evoking a sense of luxury in a space, Brookes stated, “In order to evoke luxury in a space the appropriate lighting design is essential to enhance the overall experience…Research has shown that the right lighting atmosphere can have an emotional effect on guests, influencing their feeling of satisfaction whilst affecting their whole experience by heightening the senses.” To conclude the event, the SLL will present this year’s Young Lighter Finalists, a design competition that aims to provide opportunities for promising designers in the early stages of their careers.

One of the key presentations will be given by Peruvian-American artist Grimanesa Amorós who will discuss ‘Illuminating Boundaries: The Exploration and Creation of Art Through Light’ on the 21st. The talk, based on her work, explores the use of lighting in art. Her work is informed by a keen understanding of sculptural form and critical cultural legacies, investigating community connections intersecting history, technology, and architecture. Her installations usually involve direct interaction with the surrounding architecture. Commenting on her involvement in the two-day design event, Amorós said, “LiGHT 23 will be where those who love light can unite and convene about the latest tech and how light is being used.”

This year, a dedicated area [d]arc space, showcasing decorative lighting brands is also part of the design exhibition. It will act as a space for interior designers and lighting designers to network and collaborate for their projects. [d]arc space and the two-day exhibit acts as the perfect space that provides designers and specifiers a one-stop-shop dedicated to answering their needs in lighting design, and illuminating key trends and brands in the business today. The event is organised by [d]arc media, a leading media company for the lighting design industry.

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