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Lema realises its vision of living at the London Design Festival 2022
Lema at London Design Festival 2022
Image: Courtesy of Lema

Lema realises its vision of living at the London Design Festival 2022

The Italian brand uses new furnishings alongside seminal designs to create different space settings in its London flagship store.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Sep 24, 2022

London Design Festival 2022 continues to build on its legacy of being a coveted stage for brands across the globe. The design event not only emphasises the creative competence of London and the United Kingdom but is also a reminder that the city embraces new ideas and innovation across disciplines. Leading Italian brand Lema joins the design festival scheduled from September 17 to September 25, 2022, with a selection of new furniture designs. The brand’s presentation will encompass creations by eminent designers such as Piero Lissoni, Norm Architects, Steve Leung, David Lopez Quincoces, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Federica Biasi, and Ximi Li. Previously unveiled at Milan Design Week 2022, these new furnishings are showcased alongside the brand’s iconic products in the renovated and expanded showroom in the heart of Chelsea. On the evening of September 21, 2022, the flagship store will host a cocktail party open to the city where the British artist Hatty Pedder will be creating artworks inspired by the signature design of Lema.

Lema’s London flagship store in Chelsea
Lema’s London flagship store in Chelsea Image: Courtesy of Lema
Tabby chair by Gordon Guillaumier
Tabby chair by Gordon Guillaumier Image: Courtesy of Lema

The London flagship store is a furniture store and a space to explore Lema's language. Piero Lissoni, art director of Lema, used the store to highlight the ideals of Italian design and the brand: tradition, innovation, industrial competence, and know-how. The leading figure on display at the flagship store window is Eureka – the mobile vanity designed by the Chinese designer Steve Leung. This elegant contemporary design is a re-imagination of the very concept of a wardrobe. Various proposals are presented in the space, including the Jermyn pouffe by product designer Gordon Guillamier. The pouffe derives its name from London’s Jermyn Street, a hub for the most important sartorial brands. Sign designed by Studio Kairos is a family of accessories catering to the sleeping area. The furnishings seamlessly fit into other rooms in the house, making them especially ideal for lounges and hotel spaces. The collection’s table designs are available in versions with and without a drawer.

Seryasse wardrobe and LT40 Vanity by David Lopez Quincoces
Seryasse wardrobe and LT40 Vanity by David Lopez Quincoces Image: Courtesy of Lema

The Selecta modular bookcase takes its spot in the adjacent window, presented with a new vertical lighting design. The furnishings of this window are joined by the monolithic Felix armchairs by Italian interior designer Roberto Lazzeroni and the new Francis coffee table system by Norm Architects. Francis coffee tables display an encounter between solidity and lightness, a partnership between simple and geometric shapes which exudes contemporaneity.

Francis coffee tables by Norm Architects for Lema
Francis coffee tables by Norm Architects for Lema Image: Courtesy of Lema
Glee by Officinadesign Lema
Glee by Officinadesign Lema Image: Courtesy of Lema

Beyond the reception space is the living area, where Glee, a product that uses modular design, principals. The floor sofa stands out for its clean lines and soft volumes. This novelty is placed alongside the round and square Cruise coffee tables that epitomise simplicity and are composed of fundamental forms. Both these designs by Officinadesign Lema juxtapose the Bice armchairs in black leather upholstery by Lazzeroni. The space houses other prototypes for the sleeping area by Lazzeroni such as the Victoriano textile bed with an extra-large headboard and a composition of Flowers coffee tables proposed with a lacquered top. The ensemble is completed by the Seryasse wardrobe by Spanish designer David Lopez Quincoces, and the Victoria console by Roberto Lazzeroni.

In-Between table by Ximi Li and Fred chair by Norm Architects
In-Between table by Ximi Li and Fred chair by Norm Architects Image: Courtesy of Lema

The dining area harbours the In Between dining table by Ximi Li–a furniture designer hailing from Shanghai–surrounded by Fred, a chair designed by Norm Architects. Both the new furnishings, with an LT40 composition in the background, express the idea of festivity and sharing intrinsic to Lema's vision of living. The entire area is reflected in Tokujin Yoshioka's Mirage wall mirror. The other living area proposal that follows hosts the Niveaux sofa design by Federica Biasi, a stroke of personality in an environment where comfort and warmth take the lead. Dynamism is also channelled in Dolmen, a coffee table system by David Lopez Quincoces. The tops with pure geometric shapes can be freely composed in a game of joints. The Selecta bookcase and the LT40 system are the finishing elements.

Niveaux sofa by Federica Biasi for Lema
Niveaux sofa by Federica Biasi for Lema Image: Courtesy of Lema

The night area exhibits the Warp double bed by Francesco Rota, proposed in the version with a storage box. Its soft lines align with Claire, Norm Architect's lounge chair. Distinguished by the rounded silhouette, Claire invites one to immerse themselves and gain a sense of relaxation. A composition of LT40 with boiserie and bedside tables separates the bed and the armchairs from the space dedicated to the Victor desk by Roberto Lazzeroni and the Hati chair by Piero Lissoni. The metallic Ortis coffee tables, with round and oval tops, by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, complete the space. A second dining area hosts the Shade table by Francesco Rota, accompanied by the meticulously crafted Tabby armchairs by Gordon Guillaumier. In the same space, the LT40 modular day system and the Galerist storage unit by French designer Christophe Pillet. Galerist is a display cabinet defined by the transparency of extra-clear glass that creates a stage with a light volume that enhances objects stored inside.

Claire by Norm Architect sfor Lema
Claire by Norm Architect sfor Lema Image: Courtesy of Lema

Lastly, in the recently expanded showroom area, a selection of wardrobes from Armadio al Centimetro are presented together with the LT40 island and the Yard daybed by Francesco Rota. The extensive array of furniture designs embodies harmony and timeless elegance and creates a vision of a space that allows free expression of your personal style. The harmonious interaction between the novelties and iconic products continues inside the showroom, where the contemporary and refined lifestyle philosophy of Lema is replicated in each of the spaces. Bringing its products to the UK post a successful showcase in Milan, the Italian brand narrates its journey that has become an international example of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

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