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LEGO welcomes orchid and succulents to its Botanical Collection
The Lego Succulents and Lego Orchid
Image: Courtesy of Lego

LEGO welcomes orchid and succulents to its Botanical Collection

The brand announced new floral inclusions to its immersive nature-inspired collection.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Apr 26, 2022

The LEGO Group has made two new additions to its Botanical Collection; LEGO Orchid and LEGO Succulents. Developed as a series of thoughtful gifts for plant-lovers, it is a means to introduce a dainty touch to interior designs and revel in the flora without the maintenance. The leading toy-manufacturing company, founded in Denmark, rekindles the practice of giving and receiving plants and the wonder and comfort it cultivates. Officially releasing on May 1st, 2022, the new floral sets aim to be a creative getaway for those who search for ways to destress and seek moments of mindfulness in their day through an artful and building experience.

The Lego Botanical collection as a finishing element for the interiors Image: Courtesy of Lego
The sets offer a mindful getaway in everyday life Image: Courtesy of Lego

The stunning LEGO Orchid drawing inspiration from the blossoming orchid, features six large flowers and two newly opened flowers flaunting their subtle pink and white tones. Five leaves of refreshing green, two air roots complete the arrangement set in a blue fluted vase and bark mix. Users can creatively develop multiple configurations of the display, rebuilding a personalised version time and time again. Comprising 608 pieces, the set symbolises love, beauty and luxury.

“The design of this set was inspired by a real orchid we had in the office throughout the design process, so we could see how the flower changed through the seasons,” shares Michael Psiaki, Lead Designer at the LEGO Group. “A challenge with this set was creating a cylindrical pot from LEGO elements that would be fun to build but also beautiful to look at,” he adds.

The arrangement can be customised by rotating or rebuilding the elements Image: Courtesy of Lego
The LEGO Orchid is built to resemble real orchids Image: Courtesy of Lego

The LEGO Succulents, inspired by real-life succulent varieties, are a trendy way to add a touch of green to your home decor. The set encapsulates nine individual succulents in their own small containers. The plants and cacti that can be artistically connected together, displayed in groups or even individually, offer flexibility to suit the season or the decor they contribute to. The 771-piece set comes with three instruction manuals offering an unwinding experience to kith and kin while they build together a floral representation of strength, tenacity and positivity. “They say having succulents in a room helps you focus, and we hope this set gives the same feeling,” says Anderson Ward Grubb, Senior Designer at The LEGO Group. “We wanted to create a set that offers a relaxing and mindful building experience to help adults switch off from their busy lives and to most importantly re-focus on something they enjoy,” he shares.

The LEGO Succulents can be configured in multiple ways Image: Courtesy of Lego
LEGO Succulents include nine varieties of plants and cacti Image: Courtesy of Lego

Taking its name from the Danish words "Leg Godt," which means "Play Well," the brand's new collection members provide a place where creativity thrives. With LEGO, people can reenact old meaningful traditions that have become oblivious to generation after generation. The Botanical Collection preserves and passes on the age-old belief that plants hold a deep spiritual meaning in their characteristic whimsical way. The LEGO Orchid and LEGO Succulents are novel ways in which people can choose to wind down while building artistically and bonding.

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