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Latest from Karim Rashid: sustainable benches to anatomically-inspired lighting designs
Casa Karim, Miland Design Week 2022
Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

Latest from Karim Rashid: sustainable benches to anatomically-inspired lighting designs

STIR features some of Karim Rashid's best design works ranging from a bench made of salvaged wood to a collection of lights with infinite possibilities.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Jul 31, 2022

As part of his always expanding portfolio, Karim Rashid recently released design interventions for contemporary furniture and lighting design. The industrial designer frequently collaborates with international brands to create futuristic, culturally valuable and aesthetically pleasing products. Some of the latest jewels in his crown include his retrospective display at the Milan Design Week 2022.

STIR presents a round-up of everything new from the Karim Rashid studio, including the most recent iterations of multifunctional seating solutions and a collection of featureful lights, among other projects.

Casa Karim features a multitude of designs by Karim Rashid Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

Casa Karim

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Karim Rashid curated a retrospective display of his extravagant craftsmanship from over 20 years of practice. Pristine white tones enveloped the ephemeral configuration of furniture settings in Magna Pars, Milan. While the white tones used for all of the furnishings and accessories created a sense of elegance, they did not sacrifice the vibrant and colourful flair usually associated with designer ensembles. Some of the products on display were Karim’s creations for Incanto, Vondom, Slide, Puhro, Ceramica Cielo, Tonelli, Martinelli Luce, Artemide, Stratasys, Mona clothing, Era, Solaris Community, Vesta Design, Deknudt mirrors, Della Rovere and B-line.

All-White display from the Casa Karim Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

The Floating Sofa

Karim's Float is a multifunctional modern sofa. The slender floating seat of the product is incorporated into an upholstered wall that offers seclusion in open spaces, a back to rest against, and even a place to hang a scarf or coat. The product is available in two styles: a low-back sofa and a high-back sofa. A reclining arm, as well as two coat hooks, can be added to transform the unit into a day bed.

The Floating Sofa Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid
The vibrant red colour of the floating sofa Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

Brikole Bench

The Brikole bench was made using historic posts from Venice. After 10 to 20 years, the wood corrodes consequently producing salvaged wood that has been made into this seat. The sinuous design is inspired by sea tides and the dynamic contours of Venice's iconic gondolas. Brikole is a one-of-a-kind sculptural art form since each piece of reclaimed wood is unique.

Infinity Pink lights Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

Infinity Collection

Infinity combines simple, elegant, minimal forms that bring LED spot or flood light to your office or home. The track is a simple plug-and-play technology, so you can easily move and relocate the diverse lights anywhere on the track with just one hand. “Their shapes are inspired by the human body so they are very easy to maneuver,” says is known for his extravagant and vibrant vibe. The Cairo-based designer. Studio Karim Rashid recently launched the new Infinity Collection of bespoke lights, designed for Centrsvet – a company established by Evgeny Schegolev in 2005. The company designs and manufactures indoor and exterior lighting that may be used in a variety of contexts while maintaining a consistent look.

Infinity lights come with infinite luminous settings Image: Courtesy of Studio Karim Rashid

The lighting system was designed with a patented mechanical fixture in a track for which the track system ensures the reliability of fixation of luminaires without any quality analogs. The collection comprises four different models including Bend, Drop, Conus-O and Conus-X, alla available in two colours black and pink. As an extremely versatile system each light of the infinity collection gives the users the possibility to combine luminaires in infinite ways. The collection happens to be the second collaboration between Karim and Centrsvet, the first one being the award-winning Auroom Collection.

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