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Krista Kim’s head-dress explores fluidity in the metaverse
The Nymph Headdress by Krista Kim is amongst the 43,000 garments designed for The Fabricant Season 1
Image: Courtesy of Krista Kim

Krista Kim’s head-dress explores fluidity in the metaverse

The Nymph Head-dress is part of a larger virtual clothing collection by The Fabricant

by Almas Sadique
Published on : Feb 10, 2022

Contemporary artist, Krista Kim’s most recent creation, a Nymph headdress, for The Fabricant’s latest digital clothing collection, is inspired by fluidity and utilises the best of digital technology. In a world that is slowly beginning to shed the idea of shunning non-binary identities and is learning to extend acceptance towards diverse and heterogenous cultures, the concept of fluidity that can transcend well defined borders and enclosed definitions of artistic expression is only too appropriate. “My artwork expresses fluidity - we are becoming more fluid because of digital technology. As we enter the Metaverse, cultures, gender, race, religion, will become fluid because we transcend the reality of our world,” says Krista Kim about the inspiration behind her creation.

The Nymph Collection, which is part of The Fabricant Studio Season 1, an initiative by Amsterdam based digital fashion house, The Fabricant, also includes the Nehalennia dropsuit, the Hemdrok jacket and the GM boots, in addition to the Nymph headdress. As part of The Fabricant Studio Season 1, around 43,000 garment combinations will be made available on the digital platform in an attempt to further populate the fashion design industry in the metaverse. The Fabricant works on the vision of building the wardrobe of the metaverse. Driven by this intent and inspired by the rich cultural identity of The Netherlands, the digital brand heralded the Nymph Collection, which includes the works of several digital artists who, through their designs, have woven a narrative that connects the known past and the yet-to-materialise future.

The garment is part of The Fabricant’s effort to build a diverse clothing collection in the metaverse Image:Courtesy of Krista Kim

The initial phase of visualising the collection involved a deep dive into the cultural heritage of The Netherlands. This led to the discovery of several mythologies and stories that were rich in symbolism and were characterised by a distinct identity. The designers at The Fabricant surmised that these old fables of goddesses, spirits and fairies that had shaped the Dutch culture and influenced their garments, demanded a new life. This, later, led to the amalgamation of the traditional and the digital to create a collection that represents Dutch identity through the newest source of artistic expression.

The Nymph headdress was created by Krista Kim with the help of the famous 3D creation software, Unreal Engine. The materiality of the fabric appears like a fluid flowy substance hanging lightly on the body of the user. It derives inspiration from the neon aesthetic that defines club culture, while borrowing elements from Dutch heritage and mythology. By adding a texture that appears like fluid, Kim effectively presents it in her own distinctive style.

Krista Kim is an artist and the founder of the Techism movement, a campaign that recognises and promotes the convergence of art and technology with the intent to further digital humanism. In early 2021, she designed the Mars House, which was a light sculpture made using the rendering software, Unreal Engine. The house was designed to be experienced in Virtual Reality. It went on to become the world’s first digital NFT home and was sold for a whopping $500,000. Kim continues to display her artistic expertise and technological adeptness through new innovations on a regular basis.

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