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Kiki Goti STIRred 2023 with striking visions of maximalism and neo-futurism
2023 highlights for Kiki Goti
Image: Courtesy of Chelsie Craig and Kiki Goti Studio

Kiki Goti STIRred 2023 with striking visions of maximalism and neo-futurism

STIR celebrates the exuberant tapestry of the Brooklyn-based artist, designer and educator's vibrant endeavours in 2023.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Jan 02, 2024

Greek artist, designer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York, Kiki Goti is known for her vivid and maximalist objects and spaces. In Goti’s furniture designs and homeware collections feature a marriage of rigid and flexible materials, donned in exuberant hues and patterns. In 2023, the designer pranced towards a new series of furniture, lighting, products and accessories, also making appearances in prominent design festivals of the year.

From metallic homeware to squishy dressing spaces, STIR enlists the best of 2023 in product designs, collaborations and events, from Goti.

1. Pieces:

2023 marked the release of the OO+II collection—an ensemble encompassing coasters, candleholders, bookends, chair designs and lighting designs that speculate neo-folklore and neo-futuristic environments.

The collection aimed at creating exuberant and intimate environments within the home. The OO+II Coaster and OO+II Candleholder embody an investigation of playful design that balances functionality with femininity.

The OO+II Bookends, conforming to the metallic language of the collection, are striking aluminium creatures that enhance the otherwise minimal shelves.

OO+II Nested Chair(s) is a multi-functional seating design that comprises two separate chairs that can merge to create one. The user can choose to have one compact chair, or two different chairs (a tall chair and a stool), or a chair with a side table, or a chair and a footrest.

The OO+II wall lights feature intriguing patterns on their metal shell while the light from the source spills out of the strategically placed apertures.

The collection also included a textile design, OO+II wall textile, employing traditional hand-made Balkan motifs transformed using open-source AI tools. Digital 2-D images become 2.5D layered silk-organza wall textiles, emphasising the iterative interplay between the physical and the digital environments.

Earlier this year, Goti also unveiled the Neo-Vanity collection, with the intent to alter the notions associated with the idea of dressing. A pendant light, a side table, two sconces, and the protagonist, a standing vanity: every piece is brought to by Goti as a subject to be dressed and accessorised.

2. Events

Kiki Goti at Milan Design Week 2023Image: Courtesy of Chelsie Craog

At Milan Design Week 2023, the product designer staged her characteristic maximalism and vibrance. Reimagining the ideas of dressing spaces, Goti presented Neo-Vanity at Alcova during the design event.

At Paris Design Week, Goti partook in the emerging designers' show called the Paris Design Factory held at Escape Commines in Paris, France. The OO+II Nested chairs and table lamps were the pieces in the spotlight during the curated showcase.

STIRred 2023 wraps up the year with compilations of the best in architecture, art, and design from STIR. Did your favourites make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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