Jacques & Anna unveil their 2021 lighting collection
Jacques et Anna
Photo Credit: Félix Michaud

Jacques & Anna unveil their 2021 lighting collection

The new collection consists of four core pieces inspired by lighting devices from the nautical world

by STIRpad
Published on : Oct 23, 2021

Jacques & Anna, the design studio specialising in light fixtures, now has a new brick-and-mortar location at 5821-A Parc Avenue in Montreal. The small store was carefully curated by Anaïe Dufresne as a perfect place to discover the Montreal company’s creations and to meet the team. Visitors will also be able to check out the studio's new collection, find lamps from previous collections, and enlist the studio's made-to-order services on the premises. As with previous collections, the elemental nature of light as a beacon and haven continues to be the main theme in the studio's creative process.

The new collection, some of which was showcased at SOUK Habitat last December, consists of four core pieces inspired by lighting devices from the nautical world: anchor lights, lighthouses, buoys, and masthead lights. These four rather sculptural light fixtures served as a starting point for developing a series of pieces that are just as unique, but more affordable. Designer Anaïe Dufresne, co-founder of the design studio, whose work can be observed in a variety of restaurant settings (Candide, Le Clocher Penché, Paloma, Café Chez Têta, Shay and the Trois Fois Par Jour shop), is unveiling her 2021 collection with the launch of the new space.

Wanting to push the boundaries of their latest accomplishments, the studio is revisiting its fondness for textures by highlighting its two preferred materials: ceramic and Ductal concrete. Once again, Jacques & Anna is working with ceramicist, Sarah-Jeanne Riverdy, to create these pieces that are at times soft and matte, wet and glazed, and textured and engraved. For this new series, the presence of steel is more discreet, though it remains essential in the assembly process, and a marked emphasis is placed on the chosen colours and finishes.

About Jacques & Anna

Jacques & Anna is a Montreal-based design studio specialising in light fixture creations. Born out of a father-daughter collaboration, the business took root by bringing together their respective areas of expertise. Jacques Pharand recently retired after working as an engineer for over 35 years, and he sporadically takes part in the initiative in respect to technical drawing and manufacturing challenges. Heavily influenced by architecture and sculpture, Anaïe put her know-how about materials and light to good use to create skillfully designed objects where lighting acts as both a beacon and a haven. The entrepreneur fosters an approach in which listening and friendly interactions are key, where assessing needs is the guiding principle, and a collaborative spirit of made-to-order creation is favoured.


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