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Italian studio Dalmoto combines automotive design and art to craft furniture designs
Chair and table designs by Dalmoto
Image: Courtesy of Dalmoto

Italian studio Dalmoto combines automotive design and art to craft furniture designs

Dalmoto creates handcrafted furniture objects ranging from chairs and tables to lighting featuring innovative materials and precise craftsmanship.

by Ria Jha
Published on : Jun 05, 2024

Italian design studio Dalmoto was founded by Francesco Manfredi and Tommaso Lorenzini and started as a creative journey together in Turin, Italy, the epicentre of Italian automotive design. They developed a friendship and honed their craft there, among the whir of motors and the refined lines of automobile design. These days, their atelier on the tranquil Lake Como shoreline serves as a haven where their concepts come to life. The studio's design ethos is an ardent tribute to the automotive industry, entwined with a profound admiration for the 20th century Futurist masters such as Umberto Boccioni and Giacomo Balla. Dalmoto's designs have a dynamic, modern and classic intensity owing to this convergence of form, speed, movement and colour.

Furniture designs by Manfredi and Lorenzini transcend mere functionality to become a canvas for expression. Each object is an expression of their vision, a reworking of commonplace items that pushes the bounds of convention. Their creations are distinguished by their vibrant colours, crisp lines and precise proportions, all of which demonstrate their meticulous attention to detail. “We believe in the art of Italian craftsmanship, its history and the stories of those who build, of those who continue to make things by hand, so that this value can continue and be read and perceived in every product. Dalmoto is inspired by the ideas of architect Antonio Sant'Elia and aims to create a futuristic world through the cutting-edge 'innovation and avant-garde' collection. The aim is to arouse in human beings the feeling of living in a utopian world, similar to the one imagined by the futurist designer from Como,” the designers share.

Dalmoto’s collection currently includes a range of furniture pieces, from chair designs and table designs to lighting designs. The Kylíndo armchair is an indoor lounge chair crafted from the finest materials such as premium fabrics, leather and handcrafted metals. Complementing this is Kyl, a fabric pouffe inspired by the lines of the Kylíndo armchair. The Marmorino coffee table explores the juxtaposition of soft and hard materials, featuring a leather band that intersects the marble surface and can hold everyday items. Silo and Olis are metal coffee tables with resin tops, inspired by the design of railway silos. Their lightweight, continuously rotating volumes and the intricate weaves of their lower structures lend a sculptural quality that doubles as storage for light objects. Loom is a wall cabinet that celebrates regional craftsmanship, showcasing the skill involved in bending wood and the weaving tradition of Como. Its dimmable lighting, combined with fabric filaments, creates an evocative play of light. Loop, another wall feature, enhances diffused light with its circular design, creating a sense of dynamism. The Loop wall light is composed of a hand-curved galvanised brass frame and a marble roundel.

Commenting on how they arrive at the names for their designs, the furniture designers relay, “According to our philosophy, the product name has to immediately communicate the formal inspiration to establish an immediate association. For example, the armchair Kylíndo derives its name from Greek and stands for ‘cylinder’; represents the extrusion of cylinders, a solid we intended to use for its composition.” Each product design is entirely handmade, combining the finest materials with new technologies to ensure comfort and performance over time. The metalworkers handle a range of treatments, from stainless steel to galvanic and decorative metal finishes. Artisans work with precious woods, often creating intricate decorations to produce unique textures. Other materials, such as leather and fabrics, are carefully selected for their superior quality and are crafted with expert skill. Creating these sophisticated products presents the challenge of harmonising a wide variety of materials to achieve a cohesive and well-coordinated final piece.

Soon, Dalmoto plans to introduce new products that will further expand its collection and vision. The focus is on providing customers with both indoor and outdoor furniture solutions, enhancing the seamless integration between interior and exterior living spaces. Additionally, Dalmoto is currently engaged in a significant nautical project, reinforcing its connection to the worlds of car and yacht design. This endeavour not only underscores their commitment to innovative design but also highlights their versatility and expertise across different domains of luxury and craftsmanship. “Our heritage combined with a constant search to combine several materials in a harmonious way and an unceasing focus on interior architecture create the ideal mix to represent our identity and our vision of interior living,” the designers share.

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