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'Inner Space' by The Future Perfect traces the artistic evolution of various artists
‘Inner Space’ exhibition by The Future Perfect
Image: Sam Frost

'Inner Space' by The Future Perfect traces the artistic evolution of various artists

Exploring interconnected histories and innovative creations, the exhibition features the works of JB Blunk, Isamu Noguchi, Alana Burns, Minjae Kim, and Ian Collings.

by Ria Jha
Published on : Mar 19, 2024

Curating works from a roster of American and international artists, The Future Perfect gallery unveiled a group exhibition titled Inner Space on February 28, 2024, at the gallery’s Los Angeles home, The Goldwyn House. The exhibition shines a light on works by late American artist JB Blunk alongside Isamu Noguchi who was a source of inspiration for Blunk. The exhibition on display until May 1, 2024, will also showcase jewellery designs by Mexican artist Alana Burns, furniture and lighting designs by Korean designer Minjae Kim, alongside sculptural art and furniture designs by American sculptor Ian Collings.

“The opportunity to explore the interconnected histories presented in Inner Space has been a revelation. The rare works on view by Blunk and Noguchi harmonise with the contemporary artistry of Alana Burns, Ian Collings, and Minjae Kim, inviting viewers into a dynamic space shaped by myriad interrelationships between objects,” shares David Alhadeff, founder of The Future Perfect. The exhibition invites visitors to embark on an expedition through time and space as it reveals the complex web of interwoven histories and ecologies. It is a riveting inquiry which aims to offer a rich mosaic of interconnected narratives that delve deeply into the history of both human civilisation and the natural world. How the environment, culture, and history are interwoven creates a captivating display of intricacy.

Blunk's work creates the conceptual foundation for Inner Space, which draws inspiration for adaptability and vulnerability from the material and practical diversity of Blunk's oeuvre. Revered works of Isamu Noguchi, establish an openness that lets the elements in. It stretches its arms through time to the twenty-first century with pieces by Ian Collings, Alana Burns, and Minjae Kim. Inner Space creates the unending unfolding of a singular point in time by showcasing the overlap in the historical practices of Blunk and Noguchi as expanded through the dynamic practices of three contemporary artists.

Two rare wooden thrones crafted by Blunk will take centre stage among an ensemble of his ceramics, exquisite jewellery pieces, stone and wood sculptures, and paintings. Complementing Blunk's masterpieces, the exhibition also showcases a limited edition galvanised steel table and a set of chairs by Noguchi. The inclusion of Blunk's thrones and Noguchi's innovative works is made possible through the generous loan from Converso Gallery, adding an extra layer of prestige and significance to the design exhibition's rich tapestry of artistic excellence.

Alana Burns, in her debut with The Future Perfect, unveils a stunning array of new creations, including intricately crafted jewellery, combs, a finely honed knife, and candle holders. Utilising silver and other ethereal materials sourced from the depths of the sea, Burns breathes life into her pieces, infusing them with a sense of mystique and wonder. Meanwhile, Minjae Kim brings a touch of contemporary design brilliance to the exhibition. He has presented a collection that includes quilted fibreglass chandelier, sleek fibreglass and steel sconces, a console adorned with illuminated rods, and a painter's chair. Kim's visionary works, showcased in collaboration with the Los Angeles art and design gallery Marta, offer a captivating exploration of form, function, and aesthetic innovation. Ian Collings introduces a series of new stone sculptures and furniture pieces. These creations, boasting an unprecedented scale, delve into the concept of time as a metaphysical and transformative force, inviting viewers on a journey of introspection and revelation.

The Inner Space exhibition takes spectators to a comprehensive examination of the dynamic interplay between history, culture, and the natural world through the visionary works of Blunk, Noguchi, Burns, Kim, and Collings. Viewers are reminded of the infinite power of creativity to enlighten, inspire, and provoke while going on this immersive voyage across time and space. In addition to honouring the legacy of preceding artists, Inner Space announces the start of a new chapter in artistic creation, one in which modern design and tradition come together to create a harmonic symphony of expression.

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