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Indian designer Vikram Goyal to showcase his lustrous designs at PAD London 2023
Reinterpreting the undulating desert landscape of Western India, the 'Thar' console by Vikram Goyal will be on display at Nilufar Gallery's showcase at PAD London 2023
Image: Federico Floriani

Indian designer Vikram Goyal to showcase his lustrous designs at PAD London 2023

The New Delhi-based designer’s work brings intricate traditional Indian artisanship and a contemporary visual language to the 15th edition of the annual collectible fair in London.

by Mrinmayee Bhoot
Published on : Oct 08, 2023

Contemporary Indian designer Vikram Goyal is set to debut his work at the upcoming 15th edition of PAD London, taking place from October 10 - 15, 2023. The New Delhi-based designer’s eponymous studio features designs that weld together traditional Indian artisanship with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities, in tandem with ‘a mastery of metal.' Goyal’s first international solo exhibition in London, UK, will be curated by Nina Yashar for Nilufar, the Milan-based collectible design gallery.

On collaborating with Goyal for the design event, Yashar relays, “The work of Vikram Goyal Studio is inventive and original. I am pleased to bring wider attention to Indian design to a global audience in London. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with (Goyal) on curating these pieces, which are the products of centuries of knowledge passed on through generations yet seem quintessentially modern and timeless.”

"Aligned with the distinctive showcase proposed by PAD, which presents a curated mix of contemporary and 20th-century design with decorative arts, modern art, jewellery and tribal art, Nilufar Gallery also showcases a unique selection of its rich collection, illustrating its characteristic and singular medley of historical and contemporary collectible design. For this year’s edition, the founder of Nilufar Gallery, Nina Yashar, is bringing to London some of her most important artists and designers who have been key figures in the definition of the past, present and future of the gallery," reads a statement shared by the gallery.

The Indian product designer will showcase a luminous collection of ten, limited edition pieces of furniture designs (consoles, benches, side tables), lighting designs (chandeliers, wall sconces) and wall panels, at PAD London 2023. Each hand-made object in the collection highlights Indian metalwork techniques such as repoussé (the art of hand-beating a metal sheet into three-dimensional forms), that have existed since at least the 3rd or 4th century BC, and passed down through generations. Each of the pieces embodies ‘surprisingly modern interpretations of Indian cultural traditions, narratives and philosophies.' The debut comes at a time when the design world has become particularly interested in craftsmanship from the subcontinent.

Over two decades, Goyal has refined a design language that translates the rich legacy of Indian crafts and artisanal expertise into sophisticated, timeless product designs that are well-suited for a global audience. His work—an in-depth exploration of metalwork traditions—is an ongoing dialogue with specialist artisans from across the country and an innovative approach to their skills. “Together with the artisans in New Delhi, we have created a collection of pieces combining heritage skills and contemporary expressions of our culture, that I believe will resonate with design collectors at home and abroad. Together, they show the strength and breadth of indigenous craft in India and how it is evolving with the times,” the furniture designer comments on his curated collection.

Led by a sense of curiosity over the malleability of materials, Goyal’s furniture pieces continually push the boundaries of traditional techniques, turning even metal into puddles of water. The Indian studio’s inter-generational knowledge of crafts methods, which include repoussé, pietra dura, and hollowed joinery, allows for rigid materialities to take on a visceral persona. For instance, a large repoussé wall panel, 'Maya,' depicts the concept of the chakras through intersecting circles that almost look like ripples of water.

Some of his other contemporary design pieces that will be on display include a console and bar cabinet, both of which are named 'Thar,' as they take inspiration from the undulating, golden landscape of the Thar desert; 'Geodesic,' a table design that takes its form from the silhouette of the asymmetric, dynamic pyrite crystal; 'Golden Arc,' a solid console, a bench, and a seat formed of intersecting arches and columns; and 'Picasso’s Quartet,' a wall sconce that takes on a Cubist design language. Goyal’s intricate and lustrous collection will be paired with new pieces by Italian designer Christian Pellizzari within Nilufar’s showcase this year at the prestigious design fair.

“Our gallery’s vision is very aligned with PAD’s belief: the enriching presentation of a showcase that continuously blends and develops a dialogue between styles, ages, talents, right at the crossroad between past and present, present and future. I am beyond delighted for Nilufar to be, once again, part of this cultural happening. Given the pioneering nature of PAD and the city of London, we felt it important to bring the best of collectible design, shedding light on some of the most avant-garde visions, which, through their remarkable understanding and use of materials, textures, shapes and colours, formulate contemporary taste,” Yashar states.

Other exhibiting contemporary designers include Anestis Michalis, Bethan Laura Wood, Draga & Aurel, Flavie Audi, Gal Gaon, Joe Armitage, Jonathan Trayte, Lola Montes, Maarten De Ceulaer, Objects of Common Interest, and Osanna Visconti.

PAD London was founded in 2007 by fourth-generation Parisian antique dealer Patrick Perrin. The week-long design festival takes place every October during Frieze, in an elegant tent pitched on Berkeley Square, in the heart of London’s affluent Mayfair district. PAD London is the sister fair to PAD Paris, which was launched in 1998, and takes place every April in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Nilufar's showcase at PAD London 2023 will take place from October 10 - 15, 2023, at Berkeley Square, London, UK.

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