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Gossamer and Studio Proba launch hand-tufted rug collection celebrating the 'Touch' issue
Gossamer and Alex Proba’s home ‘Touch’ rug
Image: Sean Davidson

Gossamer and Studio Proba launch hand-tufted rug collection celebrating the 'Touch' issue

Studio Proba collaborates with Gossamer to articulate their nonlinear vision of a creative touch through a stunning rug collection.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Apr 07, 2022

A recently announced collaboration between Gossamer and multidisciplinary artist Alex Proba displays the exciting collection of hand-tufted rugs aiming at conveying the concept of creative consciousness and tactility. The rug are a juxtaposition of Proba’s chromatic patterns over Gossamer's textured palettes of its latest issue: Volume seven: Touch. In a world that thrives on the commotion of sound, taste, sight and even smell, Gossamer’s latest issue circles around the importance of ‘touch’ and this collaboration over hand-tufted rugs stunningly commemorates the sense. These multi-hued custom-made rugs are organically dyed, are presented in four primary colours and designed in vibrant shades of pink with red, hues of blue and mint green, dabs of rustic brown with white lines, lavender dots and so on.

Proba incorporated her signature shapes, curved lines and eventful patterns onto the textural canvases of these rugs. “Patterns and textures have their challenges – bringing them to life is equally challenging, but the outcome is even more gratifying,” she says. The outcome – playful pieces that enhance Gossemar's idea of touch by providing the clients with a larger fabric to feel and sprawl on.

Gossamer and Alex Proba’s rug provide a larger canvas to sprawl on Image: Sean Davidson
Proba picking out samples for her rugs Image: Companion Home

The American artist, Alex Proba worked closely with Gossamer's art director Verena Michelitsch to bring alive the striking rug collection. “We’ve added a smoky, psychedelic wave pattern as a subtle nod to Gossamer’s perspective and taken cues from their typography, which is never just linear,” explains Proba on articulating Gossamer's ideologies and perceptions.

Portland and Brooklyn based studio artist, Alex Proba, truly believes in the importance of colours that resonates well with her idea of cutouts, irregular shapes and unique patterns for art. Renowned for fluid, colourful, adaptable and fun designs, Proba has been the soul behind a variety of vivid canvases across the world. Some of her noted works include an artistic rendition of the popular Louis Vuitton trunk, a mural for Dropbox’s New York office among others.

Gossamer and Alex Proba’s rug adding a touch of spark to the space Image: Sean Davidson
Alex Proba at her studio Image: Companion Home

The process of creatively designing the rugs starts with the ideation and conceptualisation of the same through sketches. Further bringing them to life by overlaying and blending in Gossamer's brand colours and Proba's visual language through her signature shapes. These rugs are indeed a great way to express Gossamer’s vision of observing the importance of touch. Alongside their creative abilities, both the brands have been keen supporters of global causes and will donate 5% of the proceeds from this collaboration to the Médecins Sans Frontières, in light of the devastating incurrences of Ukraine. Gossamer has established itself as New York’s leading cannabis brand which promotes healthier lifestyles and heartier laughs through its products, content and events. With an eventful biannual magazine in focus, the brand has been actively creating awareness around tackling the stigmatisation of cannabis consumption, promoting its legalisation and the idea of social justice.

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