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Future Icons exhibits a multitude of craft disciplines at London Craft Week
Atelier Wolfson's Shadow Collection
Image: Courtesy of Future Icons

Future Icons exhibits a multitude of craft disciplines at London Craft Week

Future Icons Selects – a new show concept by Future Icons that will showcase a plethora of craft works exploring the characteristics of various fabrics and materials

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 30, 2023

Tapping into the fashion and design industry with fashion week and design festivals , this time London explores the world of art and craft through ‘Future Icons Selects’ at the London craft week from May 11 to May 14, 2023. Future icons will unveil its new show concept – Future icons selects alongside presenting its largest exhibition at the Oxo Tower Wharf’s iconic Bargehouse. Showcasing works of over 70 leading artisans from around the world including – Carl Fox, Ikuku Iwamoto and Claire Coles, the acclaimed craft collective has been involved with the London craft week and Oxo Tower Wharf since 2019. The ideation process has enabled Future Icons to support a much larger pool of talent and provide artisans with a platform to showcase their craft to the 100,000 visitors that attend the annual event. “Traditionally, there has been no platform for individual makers to apply to showcase within London Craft Week. Future Icons recognised there was a need to offer these talented makers an affordable platform to showcase their creations and be celebrated by the festival,” shares Louisa Pacifico, founder of Future Icons and Future Icons selects.

“It's such a privilege to be working once again with London Craft Week and Oxo Tower Wharf on a bigger scale than ever before. We are gearing up for what will be really fun, engaging and inspiring showcase of talent from the crafts sector and look forward to opening our doors on May 10th,” says Pacifico. Future Icons Selects will curate each room in the 3000 square meter venue, adorned with a multitude of craft disciplines including basketry, ceramics, furniture and woodworking, jewellery, leather work, metalwork, paper art, and textiles. Being the largest assembly of craft makers during London Craft week 2023, a series of workshops and demonstrations are also scheduled to take place. “I also wanted to present a new way of exhibiting. Rather than offer everyone a flat 3x1m booth, I’ve selected 73 makers across all disciplines and curated 3000m2 of the Oxo Tower’s Bargehouse site to become a salon of beautiful objects. It’s important to match ceramics with furniture and textiles with glass which will give the visitors a clear view of how to curate their own homes and commercial spaces,” explains Pacifico.

“Future Icons isn’t so much a gallery as it is a collective. Yes, there will be a gallery feel to the showcase, but it will be a salon of inspirational quality craftsmanship,” says Pacifico. Ranging from glass art to wood works to the ikat technique, craft makers confirmed to showcase at the art festival have incorporated intriguing materials and methods to bring their craft to fruition.

Glass art by Kate Maestri

London-based architectural glass artist Kate Maestri works on a wide range of private and public art projects. A fusion of modern technology with traditional, mouth-blown stained glass and screen-printed ceramic enamels--her artworks adorn luminous colours that characterise her work.

Woodworks by Jan Waterston

Jan Waterston works independently from his UK-based studio, offering a range of speculative works, commission pieces and furniture designs, all exclusively made to order. He develops his traditional woodworking methods in combination with contemporary processes, whilst keeping the material firmly at the centre of his practice.

Jacob Monk’s Ikat technique

Jacob Monk is a hand weaver and textile artist based at Cockpit Arts in South East London. He is influenced by the ancient technique of ‘Ikat’ – the process of creating a pattern through the binding and dyeing of the warp yarns before being woven. He combines Ikat with different dip dyeing techniques to create something truly original.

Tapestries by Atelier Weftfaced

Established in 2013 by Caron Penney, Weftfaced is a small atelier in the heart of Sussex keeping the craft of hand-woven tapestry and hand-crafted costume thriving. The workshop has been making tapestries to a commission for artists from British abstract painter, Gillian Ayres RA to the artist and musician Martin Creed.

Leather design by Atelier Wolfson

Atelier Wolfson is an interdisciplinary leather design studio based in Amsterdam, founded by British-Chinese artist and designer Elaine Chan-Perryman. Working almost exclusively with leather, using both contemporary and age-old techniques, she often explores curved lines and geometry to create spaces for reflection.

3D Printed craft by Keeley Traae

Keeley Traae is a British designer and design consultant exploring digital craft through 3D printing to create biodegradable design in eco PLA which is made from 100% renewable and natural resources.

Reimagining ‘Home’ by Living Object

Living Object is a partnership between Vanessa Hogge and Philip Hughes that reimagines the concept of ‘Home’. Combining Hogge’s love of natural forms and flowers with Hughe’s affinity with tectonic forms, inspired by rugged geology. Living Objects offers works for sale and a platform for individual commissioned artworks, homeware and interior design

Future Icons embarks on its journey of collective craft with the Future Icons Selects, setting the stage for artisans and craftsmen to showcase their unique craft. “We aim to run this concept for each London Craft Week and our new branding has given us the opportunity to use ‘Future Icons Selects’; for other design fairs, workshops, conversations and so forth. For the time being, we are solely concentrating on our launch event and we’ll then see where it leads,” shares Pacifico.

Future Icons Selects will be on showcase from May 10 to May 14, 2023, at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, presented by Future Icons as part of London Craft Week.

Text by Ria Jha

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