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Fuorisalone 2023 embraces today’s changes to build a sustainable tomorrow
The 2023 edition of Fuorisalone is set to offer a stage for debate, imagine and build alternative ideas through moments of collective dialogue with a theme entitled ‘Laboratorio Futuro’
Image: Courtesy of Fuorisalone

Fuorisalone 2023 embraces today’s changes to build a sustainable tomorrow

From exhibitions, installation, events and talk shows, Fuorisalone stirs a dialogue between the art and design community, spotlighting the theme of ‘Laboratorio Futuro.'

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 12, 2023

The most anticipated edition of Fuorisalone at Milan Design Week will be back to play a leading role on the international design scene with events, exhibitions and installations that will photograph the future through the lens of the present. Backing its foundation from the 2022’s edition, the event themes sustainability as its larger focus. The design fair will be on ground from April 17, 2023 to April 23, 2023. With the idea of translating the present and imagining the future and focusing on the themes of circular economy, reuse, sustainability, Fuorisalone will be held in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.Milano. For the 12th consecutive year, Hyundai Italia will be the main sponsor of Fuorisalone, 2023.

"Fuorisalone is not only a reference point for a sector of excellence that represents the quality of Made in Italy in the world, but also a great opportunity for Milan. Installations, exhibitions, and events spread throughout the city will rekindle the streets, districts, and neighbourhoods of the city, confirming its role as the capital of design and enhancing its image on an international level. I am certain that this edition of Fuorisalone will also be a not-to-be missed event,” says Alessia Cappello, Assessor for Labour and Economic Development with responsibility for Fashion and Design of the Municipality of Milan.

This 2023 edition of Fuorisalone will be offering a stage for debate, to imagine and build alternative ideas through moments of collective dialogue with a theme entitled ‘Laboratorio Futuro.’ It will highlight the themes of sustainable design, circular economy, innovative materials, urban regeneration and artificial intelligence. “The Fuorisalone represents an opportunity for networking and sharing, a collective lab of experiences. This is the inspiration for this year's theme: by lab we mean an active space where knowledge is shared. It is essential to unite skills in order to lay the foundations for a better future,” says Paolo Casati, co-founder and creative director of Studiolabo.

Making its second edition, the leading manufacturer of multimedia installations and interactive experiences, STARK will be dedicating an interactive project of Trame to the theme of the design event. By means of an interactive sound and visual installation, the project will invite us to rely on holistic understanding making us realise how actions are intertwined with those of others. On the other hand the Fuorisalone Award will also make its second edition acknowledging the most celebrated projects at the Milan Design Week. The selected projects will compete for four special mentions in the categories: interaction, sustainability, technology and communication. “Once again this year, the Fuorisalone Award confirms its mission to identify the most relevant projects for the design world. In addition, the new Special Mention by Salone Del Mobile.Milano demonstrates the will to create a system and enhance the city of Milan, a reference point for the furniture and design sector,” says Cristian Confalonieri, founder of Studiolabo.

In the previews of the design districts the Tortona District will present a communication proposal which aims at bringing together and narrating the different realities. It will reflect the current issues seen through the lens of design, with the aim of responding to the challenges of tomorrow. Milano Durini Design will propose the fil rouge “Urban Metamorphosis”, among installations with a strong evocative character that extends to all the valuable companies present in the city centre. 5VIE will be presenting a proposal with the theme “Design for Good” having an intent to create and cultivate deep human connections through design. Isola Design District with the seventh edition of Isola Design Festival including six group exhibitions will be focusing on themes such as circular and regenerative furniture, collectible design and new craftsmanship, design tech and wellness. Amongst the various projects that are running in sync with the theme of Fuorisalone, let's look at some of them in detail.


Alcova, founded by Joseph Grima (Space Caviar) and Valentina Ciuffi (Studio Vedèt) will host over 70 projects showcasing various directions in contemporary design from research of innovative and sustainable materials, to contemporary craft, to sensorial design, alongside institutions, established brands, studios and emerging talents.

Design Variations

Curated by MoscaPartners, Design Variations will present a site- specific work on the facade of the Circolo Filologico Milanese designed by studio Zaven. This year’s edition will also present the anthological exhibition of projects “REFORMING FUTURE” set up inside the Istituto Marchiondi Spagliardi, the project originated from the initiative of the Milan City Council Fashion and Design aiming at the revaluation of disused public spaces.

Morel Design Week, Materially, Swiss Design Map

Morel Milano will be forefronting the design week with its project which will be an interpretation of combining the history with new functions of the 7000 square metre village in the Certosa area. Materially will be presenting a narrative structured in several stages hosting exhibitions, talks and workshops, exploring materials and on the other hand, Swiss Design Map will be presenting a digital platform that facilitates access to Swiss initiatives promoted by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetica.

Tortona Rocks

Tortona Rocks will reflect on how taking care of tomorrow is a collective act encouraging alternative lifestyles in response to contemporary urgencies. Some of the presenters are IKEA, Paola Navone with a “ Take it or Leave it” range of objects. MR Digital in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Interiors presents the “Learning Spaces” project. ALTROVE is one of the latest projects which will put designs by emerging talents in dialogue with everyday places in the Giambellino district.

Tortona Design Week

Presenting the ambitious project, “Future to Share” to write a future with a view to sharing and inclusiveness. The project will offer installations, exhibitions, events, workshops and training to promote innovation, circularity and technology.

Base Milano

In the third edition of “We Will Design”, encouraging innovation and exploration of new ideas of democratic design, BASE will be promoting affordable and plural designs for people of all ages, abilities, gender and culture.

Triennale Milano

Triennale Milano will bring together all the permanent exhibitions such as the installation by the Italian Design Museum directed by Marco Sammicheli, exhibition Droog30, The Lisa Ponti exhibition, Drawings and Voices presenting a selection of works by the artist, editor, critic and writer who has made their works on A4 size sheets. Exhibitions and projects of Duson Gallery (South Korea), Japan Creative (Japan), Moravian Gallery (Czech Republic), Timberland Worldwide and Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation (Uzbekistan) will also be presented at Triennale.

Rossana Orlandi

This year’s edition will present the Ro Plastic Prize, an award that is part of the RO Guiltless Plastic project. The award comprises three categories: collectible art and design, emerging high technology, and inspiring learning projects.

IKEA is celebrating its 80th anniversary with innovation and assembling the future at Fuorisalone 2023. Padiglione Visconti on Via Tortona will host the brand's exhibition with iconic products that shaped each decade of the brand’s history. Similar to its events last year, which encouraged the evolution of relationships between people and their homes, the 2023 edition will also showcase new products with its research on life at home captured through the lens of photography. Fuorisalone with its theme of ‘Laboratorio Futuro’ not only awakens the art enthusiasts, designers, artists, brands and galleries to think about the future while having a vision of the present but also invites them to reflect on the changes occurring today that could lead towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Text by Pratishtha Vashishth

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