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Estudio Persona unveils furniture collection that communicates with each other
The Hilo collection by Estudio Persona
Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona

Estudio Persona unveils furniture collection that communicates with each other

The Los Angeles-based studio presents Hilo, a family of furniture pieces that exhibits the harmony between two or more elements together.

by Anushka Sharma
Published on : Sep 26, 2022

In a harmonious composition, each element is the foundation of the other, irrespective of their conspicuous differences. A dialogue between the elements prevails, undeterred by their unique individual presence. But what instills a sense of interdependency between ostensibly divergent design components and binds them together? Los Angeles-based contemporary design studio Estudio Persona unveils Hilo, a collection of furniture that delves into the ways in which different facets of an object work in tandem to uphold a design. The studio helmed by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young presents a troupe of sculptural silhouettes of a sofa, armchair, coffee table and cabinet for their latest collection. “Hilo is a family of pieces that communicate with each other,” shares Emiliana Gonzalez, one half of Estudio Persona. “The line work explores the interdependency of various elements; a balance of intermission and continuity,” adds Jessie Young, co-founder of the LA-based studio.

The Hilo collection explores interdependence between elements Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona
The collection establishes a dialogue between the furniture pieces Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona

Gonzalez and Young conceived Estudio Persona in 2015. Born in Uruguay, they both met in Los Angeles, where they began their journey via a collaborative process that evolved into the inception of Estudio Persona. Their unorthodox designs are sculpted by bold lines and channel a distinctly neutral and minimal approach. Employing natural materials in diverse ways, their oeuvre is the culmination of a singular and ever-evolving practice. The sinuous feminine lines and sculptural shapes are testimonies of their ethos and come to life with an intrinsic reverence toward traditional craftsmanship. By collaborating with local manufacturers, they push the boundaries of their designs by astutely working within the constraints they confront with each material they work with and adapting to the same.

The ‘Linea’ armchair by Estudio Persona Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona
The ‘Peel’ cabinet by Estudio Persona Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona

The goal of Hilo, in the words of the designers, is “to create tension between shapes and materials, using a void space to freely let the mind connect the pieces.” The series encapsulates pieces that each look distinctly unique but exude perfect harmony when positioned side by side. A sofa design and armchair duo named ‘Linea’ feature sinuous solid walnut inlays in partnership with seamless upholstery. Invisibly embedded in the furniture design, the inlay work meanders around the upholstered frame. The ‘Split’ coffee table is a square table design that is meticulously handmade by the furniture designers. The ensemble is a configuration of two contrasting materials–solid walnut and blackened steel–where the bulging wooden tabletop is ‘split’ in two by a metal structure. The ‘Peel’ cabinet design comes forward as the visual highlight of the collection, with a section of the door that appears to be ‘peeling’ down towards the floor.

The ‘Split’ coffee table by Estudio Persona Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona
The metal structures splits the wooden tabletop into two Image: Courtesy of Estudio Persona

Emiliana and Jessie Young, the two young Uruguayan designers, bring to life impactful and contemporary pieces that embody a Latin spirit through soft and natural forms and an earthy palette. Despite hailing from different backgrounds--art and industrial design--they craft pieces that identify with their common feminine perspective of what they envision as a table design or a chair design. Muted tones and sculptural forms narrate the design duo's inspirations and intriguing approach to furniture design and product design, that strikes a balance between the narrative and the approach that is innovative yet pays reverence to the past in tandem.

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