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Draga & Aurel STIRred 2023 with vibrant, innovative and distinctive designs
Hans cabinet, Maree table and Baia coffee table
Image: Courtesy of Draga & Aurel

Draga & Aurel STIRred 2023 with vibrant, innovative and distinctive designs

STIR celebrates the transformative practice of the Italian multi-disciplinary design studio.

by Ria Jha
Published on : Dec 25, 2023

Italy-based multi-disciplinary design studio Draga & Aurel works along the spectrum of furniture, textile and interior design . In 2023, the design studio collaborated with various galleries to display their bespoke collections and launched new lighting and furniture designs. As we come to the end of 2023, STIR recalls the highlights of the studio’s approach towards combining original methods with an artistic approach to materials and composition.

1. People

In 2023 Draga & Aurel collaborated with several galleries. This includes Galerie Philia , which showcased Draga & Aurel’s Ravine coffee tables as part of the ‘Desaclarized’ exhibition.

2. Pieces

Draga & Aurel launched bespoke furniture and lighting designs like the Madea and Hans Cabinet, Jade coffee table , Baia coffee and console tables , Rainbow table , Alya wardrobe, Bon Bon wall light, Ravine and Talco coffee tables, Beba armchair, Joy and Ray lamps and Maree and PY table.

Inspired by the world of beauty, the Talco coffee table has sleek lines and a minimal design that makes it resemble a vibrant powder compact. The fresh, delicate, and slightly powdery brass-coated oak base is echoed by the cushioned effect created by unique varnishes applied to the resin top of the table design.

The PY night tables, whose deconstructed, three-dimensional, and geometrical aspect is produced by combining colours and tints, epitomise Draga & Aurel's skills for working with resin.

Inspired by haute couture corsets, the Beba armchair has a striking black border and its shape resembles a water lily. It is an expression of feminism in a furniture piece featuring sensual volumes.

The Ray lamps are constructed from epoxy resin, which is processed in a liquid state to produce numerous layers of overlapping colour. These layers produce different visual compositions depending on the angle from which they are viewed. The transparency is further improved by a final polishing, which makes it possible to filter light precisely and increases the immersive effect of this hanging artwork.

The Bon Bon lamps are made entirely from thick resin with multicoloured filters that take advantage of the material’s transparency, it’s a symbol of levity and playfulness.

3. Places

In collaboration with Rossana Orlandi Gallery, located in Milan and Porto Cervo, Draga & Aurel featured LEWIT at the ‘Lake Como Design Festival’ 2023. LEWIT is a sculptural bed arising from a creative symbiosis between the Italian design studio Draga & Aurel and Italian architect Giuliano dell’Uva, in collaboration with the Italian textile company Somma1867.

For Milan Design Week 2023 , in collaboration with Nilufar Gallery , the design studio showcased a furniture collection titled Space Couture. A bright and dazzling furniture collection with vivid colours and reflective glossiness. They also showcased their Ray lamps, Tito armchair, Baia collection and Rainbow table at the ‘RoCollectible’ exhibition by Rossana Orlandi Gallery at Milan Design Week.

STIRred 2023 wraps up the year with compilations of the best in architecture, art, and design from STIR. Did your favourites make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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