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David Nott explores emotional resonance through a colourful 'Journey'
Dopamine and Portal from David Nott’s Journey collection
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David Nott explores emotional resonance through a colourful 'Journey'

Designer David Nott's Journey collection of textile art blends colour, abstract forms, and craftsmanship, taking viewers on a journey through geometric motifs.

by Ria Jha
Published on : Dec 02, 2023

Colour has the potential to profoundly affect our emotional resonance. It frequently acts as a nonverbal means of expressing thoughts and feelings. Every colour has an emotional significance, evoking distinct psychological and physiological reactions in humans. Furthermore, ties with culture and identity strengthen this effect even more, since colours can have particular meanings depending on personal experiences and social environment. Recognising the psychological effects of colours enables us to intentionally use their emotional resonance in art and design or even everyday situations to elicit and strengthen desired emotional reactions.

Driven by a fascination with abstract forms and the profound influence of colour, textile artist David Nott has crafted a collection of rug designs titled Journey. Through this series Nott explores the two contrasting mediums, ink and yarn, to create a collection of rugs that are vibrant, abstract and eye-catching.

The textile art in the collection are named Portal, Dopamine, Flow, Spill, Balance, Colour Riddle and Waves. The intriguing names are based on Nott's artistic expression. Portal is a wall-hanging mirror that appears to be a portal in the wall, Dopamine is meant to bring a sense of happiness, while Flow comprises of organic lines that flow out of the frame. Spill has fabric falling out of the frame as though the colour has spilled-out and Balance is a combination of lines and squares that balance each other. Colour Riddle is a puzzle of circles and rectangles and Waves as the name suggests depicts waves flowing on the frame.

Initially confined to rug making, the product designer aimed to elevate the tufting process by infusing it with a more sculptural essence through original and distinctive creations. Nott believes that the collection is a purposeful investigation into the complex relationships between colour theory, abstract forms, and shadows. Every piece in this series is not just an artwork. It is a meticulous representation of a set of guiding principles that were carefully maintained during the creative process.

Elaborating on the meticulous efforts behind the product designs Nott relays, “Challenges were integral to the journey of each artwork, stemming from composition, strategic colour placement, and the deliberate breaking of the grid in unique ways. The primary goal was to continually explore originality within each piece, purposefully stepping beyond my comfort zone, thereby encountering new and demanding challenges. On average, each piece took a total of 62 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, employing an astonishing 28,000 feet of yarn.”

The collection is a fusion of artistry, intentionality, and Nott's dedication to craftsmanship. Every rug design encompasses not only a visual appeal but also a story of diligent investigation into the harmonious interplay of form, colour, and shadow. Viewers are taken on a visual journey by the collection's combination of geometric shapes and emotionally charged hues, where each rug serves as a doorway to a world of vivid expression and creative reflection.

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