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Craftsmanship fuses with technology at Penta Light’s showcase for MDW 2023
Gems by Francesca Lanzavecchia
Video: Courtesy of Penta Light

Craftsmanship fuses with technology at Penta Light’s showcase for MDW 2023

Penta Light showcased lighting design by designers Francesca Lanzavecchia, Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà, Debiasi Sandri, Umberto Asnago, Bartoli Design and Rosone Barra 

by STIRpad
Published on : Jun 04, 2023

Illumination, innovation and style are three words that aptly consolidate the pillars of Penta Light’s philosophy. This year Milan Design Week 2023 saw an exquisite display of this philosophy. Well known for their unparalleled lighting design that skillfully combines innovation, usability, and contemporary aesthetics, the brand demonstrated its mastery in illuminating rooms with elegance and creativity. The booth itself was meticulously created to provide visitors with a fully immersive experience, with light fixtures positioned in strategic locations to both illuminate the area and highlight the objects on show. Beyond the cutting-edge products on display, Penta Light's showcase at Milan Design Week promoted a collaborative and creative environment. Visitors could experiment with various lighting arrangements at the experiential installations at the booth and personally witness the transformative impact of Penta Light's creations. Participants from all around the world, including designers, architects, and enthusiasts, had stimulating discussions, exchanged ideas, and explored the virtually endless possibilities of light.

Hail by Bartoli Design

Hail is a ceiling lamp design that emits light in a downward direction. It was designed as a development of the Wonder and Storm series. A long, essential metal stem transforms magically into a small bell. The simple and balanced design allows for both individual use and grouped juxtapositions.

Gems by Francesca Lanzavecchia

The lights that make up the Gems family are single-material sculptures made of glass and reflect the company's expertise. This lighting system is made up of six interchangeable parts: three lampshades with increasing diameters are attached to a light source that has a sphere and a tube. In order to create patterns that are spread through a kaleidoscope of soft and gradient colours and immerse the environment in a suggestive atmosphere. An intricate game of dovetailing that is technically resolved in a clear-cut yet uncomplicated way, like priceless pearls delicately strung on a necklace of light with muted transparencies that create a prism of visual effects as they interact with the various textures of the finishes.

Exa by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà

Exa, the lighting system that honours Pythagoras' research, is brought to life by an extruded form with a hexagonal foundation. This hexagon, which the mathematician believed to be the ideal geometric shape and a symbol of life, is often found in some structures in nature, such as the beehives. The lamp is based on the enchantment of these worlds and may be used alone or with countless other components to build chandeliers or in-line ceiling compositions. Each module's six sides that reflect and contain the light demonstrate not just a unique formal solution but also a high level of technical creativity that guarantees an exceptional amount of heat dissipation for the LED source. Exa is a radically modern lighting system that is both transversal and attractive, developed in elegant finishes.

Sunset by Debiasi Sandri

The line of the horizon that the sun drops into at sunset defines this lighting element with a clean stroke that appears to represent the boundary between light and shadow. Minimalism and poetry collide in the Sunset Lamp collection. The ceiling light, which comes in two sizes and has a cylindrical shape, conceals the technical parts of the lamp behind the back-painted glass. As it unveils the project's design elements, the aesthetically pleasing feature that alluded to the object's name starts to serve a purpose.

Mami by Umberto Asnago

The oval lampshades from the lamp series Mami behave like bubbles and turn light into beautiful poetry, which never ceases to fascinate. Now, a new wall or ceiling version is available, where the glass component takes centre stage. Owing to a lighting engine that distributes the light flawlessly evenly, the design is not only enhanced in its different iterations but is also updated technologically.

Rosone Barra

Penta presents Rosone Barra primarily by thinking along the lines of sustainable design. This is a clever technique to leverage the parts and pieces that are already in the collection to make new lighting compositions rather than a brand-new project. The force profile has been turned into a bar to hang a variety of ceiling lamps in a linear composition using LED strips and diffusers for an in-line lighting solution.

The showcase highlighted Penta's unwavering commitment to expanding the possibilities for lighting design. Penta Light continues to illuminate places, improve aesthetics, and influence the future of interior lighting with its cutting-edge and contemporary designs.

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Text by Ria Jha

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