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Casalgrande Padana’s Le Ville is a modern spin on Venetian terrazzo
The Terrazzo-inspired stoneware flooring ‘Pisani’ by Casalgrande Padana
Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana’s Le Ville is a modern spin on Venetian terrazzo

The porcelain stoneware tile collection features six new designs in decorative patterns created for indoor and outdoor flooring solutions.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Jul 14, 2022

Would you like to walk on the same floor as Michelangelo's used underfoot at St. Peter's Basilica? Italian Brand Casalgrande Padana honours the artistic flooring material that Michelangelo adorned his world-famous basilica by bringing back the Venetian terrazzo floors in trend with their latest stoneware collection ‘Le Ville’. Featuring an assortment of patterns, sizes, and depths, the tiles are a modern interpretation of an admired 1500s Italian design. Though created using state-of-the-art technology, the tiles maintain the classic essence of a well-finished floor with potsherds, fine gravel and river pebbles, beaten into position and perfection.

The Badoer flooring Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

Historically, the Venetian artisans came up with the idea of the ancient Venetian terrazzo by piecing together leftover marble and stone chips. It originated as a convenient floor covering but later platformed as an artistic wall and floor cladding. The versatile collection is made available for designing floors and walls of any living space, indoors and outdoors. The Pisani and Valmarana colours are available with an anti-slip grip finish which makes them viable to be directly placed on grass, gravel or sand.

The Foscari flooring adorning an indoor space Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana
The Valmarana Flooring Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

The Italian brand has been a key player in the world of tile and ceramic manufacturing for over six decades. The innovative and sustainable tiles are designed in a large-size format shaping them perfectly for an immaculate finish in not just the bigger hospitality and commercial spaces but also within residential areas thus engaging a homely setting in a luxurious vibe. All of the designs namely Barbaro, Foscari, Valmarana, Badoer, Pisani and Trissino hold the personalities to adorn and style different spaces throughout the home while delicately outlining every interior element in any space.

Barbaro flooring for a commercial space Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

Every piece in the collection is an appreciation of elegance with random fragments of different sizes forming an attractive pattern. Every inch of every tile holds a unique character with organically formulated patterns. Grit flooring that has been traditionally used by artisans and has the excellent technical performance of porcelain stoneware is offered to express your creativity. Stoneware from Casalgrande Padana is fully recyclable, hypoallergenic, and bacteria resistant and with exceptional flexural strength, the tiles maintain their original shape over time at any temperature.

The Trissino Flooring Image: Courtesy of Casalgrande Padana

The Italian Brand summits the world of ceramic and tile design with the porcelain stoneware collection while giving the designers leverage to combine palettes with their Atelier range of ceramic tiles, to create modern, elegant and highly functional laying solutions

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