Anony’s new creations channelise simple geometries into sculptural works
Stone by Anony
Photo Credit: Riley Snelling

Anony’s new creations channelise simple geometries into sculptural works

The four new designs by Anony are versatile and easy to use.

by STIRpad
Published on : Nov 25, 2021

Anony, a lighting and product design and manufacturing studio based in Toronto, Canada, has recently released four new designs. The new products were released recently at WantedDesign 2021, a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community.

Founded in 2014 by Christian Lo, Anony is characterised by products with simple geometric designs that are both timeless and long-lasting. They are manufactured using the latest technology and processes and with the minimum usage of materials.

The most recent creations, designed and manufactured by Anony are characterised by newer features and elements, hinting at an evolution of their design language. The four products that have been launched recently include an innovative suspension light called Wisp, a playful chandelier called Node, a sculptural stoneware collection called Stone and the Trio stool.

Wisp by Anony Image: Joel Esposito

Made out of steel, aluminium and glass, Wisp stays suspended mid-air by a single cable that runs upward to the ceiling. The brightness of the floating light instalment can be tuned by touching the light and its diffusion can be controlled by sliding the shade.

Node by Anony Image: Jake Sherman

Node, which can be described as a chandelier or pendant light, is created out of delicate geometric forms. Circular glass instalments attached to steel cylinders stay suspended from the ceiling in such a manner that they seem to float mid-air. The entire installation appears asymmetrical, yet balanced. Node can be used as a chandelier, as a table light or wall sconce.

Stone by Anony Image: Joel Esposito

The sculptural collection, Stone, is again characterised by simple geometric forms. It comprises a bowl and a pill. While the pill is uniformly shaped for all the instalments in this collection, the bowl assumes different geometries. Made out of travertine, the vessels can be used as standalone sculptures, holders or weights.

Trio by Anony Image: Joel Esposito

The fourth product released by Anony is a stool called Trio. It assumes this name due to its triangular form. The product is made out of three identical steel pieces that are bent and welded to each other, thus taking the form of a stool.

Christian Lo, Founder and Principal Designer of Anony Image: Renata Kaveh


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