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'Amphibious Seatings' by Jacob Egeberg blends brutalism and furniture design
Grey puff, Amphibious chair, sofa and blue stools from the collection
Image: Courtesy of Jacob Mathias Egeberg

'Amphibious Seatings' by Jacob Egeberg blends brutalism and furniture design

The seating collection is lightweight and water-resistant for both indoor and outdoor use, challenging conventional lounge seating aesthetics.

by Ria Jha
Published on : May 14, 2024

The stark, raw aesthetic of brutalist architecture, the vast scale of big industries and the utilitarian precision of industrial manufacturing often turn into design inspiration for many designers. Influenced by the bold forms, rugged textures and uncompromising structures of brutalism, designers infuse their creations with a sense of robustness and solidity. Materials like concrete, steel and exposed metal accents are frequently used to communicate a sense of strength and durability. Designers typically use clean lines and minimalist forms to create pieces that emphasise the underlying beauty of simplicity, drawing inspiration from brutalism's emphasis on honesty in materials and structural integrity.

Inspired by brutalist architecture and the robustness of shipping containers, Danish designer and artist Jacob Mathias Egeberg brought to fruition his latest collection titled Amphibious Seatings. The collection comprises a sofa design, a chair design and a stool design crafted in such a way that they can seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments. Each furniture design is meticulously constructed to be both lightweight and water-resistant, ensuring durability and utility in any situation, accomplished by utilising industrial technologies and advanced materials. The designer likes to call the collection an ‘all-terrain lounge collection’, owing to its ability to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings, be it reclining by the fireplace indoors or basking in the sun on a patio.

Through Amphibious Seatings, the furniture designer aims to challenge conventional expectations of lounge furniture. Camouflaged as heavy and rigid, each piece is lightweight with soft cushion seating, subverting our preconceived notions of comfort and aesthetics in lounge seating; each piece in the collection presents a unique blend of refinement and rawness. The juxtaposition of high-polished surfaces and rugged textures creates a visual and tactile feast, accentuated by sharp, geometric lines that define the boundaries between them.

Egeberg is renowned for his colourful and unique approach to industrial processes and materials. His work extends the boundaries of modern design and serves as a medium for storytelling, going beyond mere functionality. Egeberg crafts intriguing stories out of common objects by paying close attention to detail and employing vivid colours leveraging the products with a distinct personality and intrigue. “These pieces are part of an ongoing collection of furniture that I've been developing. Some are bespoke, while others are produced in series. Over the past couple of years, I've been refining various techniques and methods, and now I'm finally able to utilise them in a manner that's aesthetically pleasing and functional. This includes considerations such as colouring, texture and overall design. It's a journey that I am committed to continuing, further exploring and evolving these techniques to create even more compelling pieces,” the product designer shares.

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